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  1. Pedaltrain Terra 42 with Tour Case

    Terra takes the best of Pedaltrain’s patented design and pushes it to new levels. Terra is the largest pedal board Pedaltrain makes. Terra is the perfect size for true pedal junkies and permanent studio installations. Learn More

  2. Pedaltrain Volto

    Gen 1 Pedaltrain Volto rechargeable portable pedal power supply. Learn More
  3. Pedaltrain Volto 2

    Volto is an efficient and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options. Learn More

  4. PGS - Made in Oregon

    Dress yourself up in tone with the all-new Pro Guitar Shop t-shirt! Learn More

  5. PGS T-Shirt - Winged Logo

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price: $8.99

    Be the envy of guitarists everywhere when you proudly show off the elegantly color-coordinated Pro Guitar Shop logo in gold on a green T-shirt or in silver on a red T-shirt. Learn More

  6. Pigtronix Power Multi-Voltage Power Supply


    This 18-volt powerhouse provides more 18-volt taps than any power supply on the market.

    Learn More

  7. StageTrix SF1 Pedal Fasteners (3 Pack)

    The Pedal Fastener is a hook fastener designed specifically for attaching pedals to pedalboards. Learn More

  8. StageTrix SF2 Wah Fastener

    The Wah Fastener allows you to conveniently attach your classically shaped wah to your pedalboard. Learn More

  9. StageTrix SL1 SuperLoop

    SuperLoop is a super low profile loop fastener that combined with StageTrix Pedal Fasteners will give you the security to know that overtime you pull out your pedalboard every pedal will still be securely on your board. Learn More

  10. StageTrix SR1 Pedal Riser

    The Pedal Riser raises your second row of pedals to the perfect height, and has drop-in-from-the-top cable routing features that clean up your messy cables. Learn More

  11. StageTrix SS1 Setting Saver

    With the Setting Saver you will never lose a setting. Use it on your pedals, amps, mixing consoles or rack gear, anywhere you want to remember a setting of your knobs, sliders or dials. Learn More

  12. T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath

    With 7 isolated outlets and the ability to handle 9, 12 and 18 volt DC pedals plus a 12 volt AC box, Goliath will power almost every pedal you own – and then some. Learn More

  13. Tascam PSP520 AC Adaptor

    This Tascam adaptor provides 5VDC/2A power for the Tascam MPGT1 Guitar Trainer, as well as the DR-07, DR-08, CD-GT2, CD-BT2, CD-VT2, and DR-1. Compact, portable and powerful, the PS-P520 fits in your guitar case or gig bag. Learn More

  14. Taylor Accessories 1/4" RA/ST TRS - 18ft Cable

    The Taylor 1/4" RA/ST - 18ft Cable is ideal for connecting your Expression System Pickup equipped Taylor guitar to your amp. Standard, right angle, ¼” Tip-Ring-Sleeve plug with a standard straight TRS at the other end. Learn More

  15. TC Electronic PolyTune 2

    The TC Electronic Polytune is the new kid on the block in pedal tuner technology. Featuring a patented polychromatic tuning circuit, the TC Electronic Polytune eliminates the need to go string to string while tuning. Learn More

  16. TC Electronic Polytune Clip

    TC has again changed the tuner game, fitting its PolyTune technology into the smallest package possible: the clip-on tuner. Learn More

  17. TC Electronic Polytune Mini 2

    With its new ultra bright display, groundbreaking polyphonic tuning mode, insanely fast and accurate strobe tuner and an unfathomably small enclosure, this pedal will serve as a massive upgrade for your pedalboard while claiming very little of your precious pedalboard real estate. Learn More

  18. Truetone 1-Spot Pro CS12

    The Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 contains 12 isolated outputs with enough juice to power almost any pedal you can throw at it. Learn More

  19. Truetone 1-Spot Pro CS7

    The Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 contains 7 isolated outputs with enough juice to power almost any pedal you can throw at it. Learn More

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