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  1. Godlyke Power Grip Pedalboard Velcro 1 meter

    Simply put, Godlyke Power Grip is the strongest hook-and-loop type adhesive that players can put on their pedalboards. Period. Learn More
  2. Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Soft Case

    The Metro Series is Pedaltrain’s first three-rail pedal board system. Pedaltrain’s new Metro Series is perfect for players who need a portable, grab-and- go solution. Learn More
  3. PedalTrain Nano - Soft Case

    The PedalTrain Nano is the perfect board for those that only use a couple of effects or for the full range of any tiny effects out there. Built tough and including a soft case, the PedalTrain Nano is easy to pack and unpack to reduce setup time. Learn More

  4. Pedaltrain Nano Plus with Soft Case

    Don’t let its small size fool you. Nano+ is the foundation of some very powerful rigs. Nano+ is Pedaltrain’s only two-rail pedal board system. Nano+ is ultra-compact and portable. Learn More
  5. Pedaltrain Volto

    Gen 1 Pedaltrain Volto rechargeable portable pedal power supply. Learn More
  6. StageTrix SF1 Pedal Fasteners (3 Pack)

    The Pedal Fastener is a hook fastener designed specifically for attaching pedals to pedalboards. Learn More

  7. StageTrix SF2 Wah Fastener

    The Wah Fastener allows you to conveniently attach your classically shaped wah to your pedalboard. Learn More

  8. StageTrix SL1 SuperLoop

    SuperLoop is a super low profile loop fastener that combined with StageTrix Pedal Fasteners will give you the security to know that overtime you pull out your pedalboard every pedal will still be securely on your board. Learn More

  9. StageTrix SR1 Pedal Riser

    The Pedal Riser raises your second row of pedals to the perfect height, and has drop-in-from-the-top cable routing features that clean up your messy cables. Learn More

  10. StageTrix SS1 Setting Saver

    With the Setting Saver you will never lose a setting. Use it on your pedals, amps, mixing consoles or rack gear, anywhere you want to remember a setting of your knobs, sliders or dials. Learn More

  11. Voodoo Lab Mounting Brackets for Pedaltrain

    Mounts all Pedal Power® models underneath the Pedaltrain Classic, Novo, and Terra series boards. Learn More

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