Album Review: Mirovia - Welcome to Rodinia

October 26, 2012

By Jamie Wolfert

This week's subscriber-submitted album comes from Erfurt, Germany-based post-rock instrumentalists Mirovia, with their album Welcome to Rodinia. According to guitarist Maximilian Greiner Welcome to Rodinia tells the story of the birth of the universe, a mythological earth, and the crossing of a primeval ocean to the shores of the ancient supercontinent of Rodinia. Got that? Alright. The story isn't nearly as compelling as the epic psych/prog majesty Mirovia whips up on this album. This band has got some serious groove, an ear for melody, and a penchant for off-kilter fuzz riffage, which helps to set them apart from the glut of bands following in the footsteps of Mogwai, Mono, Russian Circles, and other modern post-rock heavyweights.

The second track on Welcome to Rodinia, "Multiversum", opens with some clean, delayed arpeggiation and builds gradually with droning cellos and a repeated guitar figure that goes from clean to fuzzy, eventually transitioning into an all out sludgefest at around the 3-minute mark. Like many Mirovia songs "Multiversum" is over 9 minutes long, but they keep it interesting throughout with rhythmic and melodic twists and turns. Songs like "The Titan" and "Mammoth" showcase Mirovia's tight, hard-hitting rhythm section of bassist Robert Schulz and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Zobel, who both propel and support Greiner's inventive guitar histrionics.

According to the email I got from the band, Welcome to Rodinia was recorded quickly with a tiny budget. This does impart a certain raw immediacy to the album, which I think works in Mirovia's favor. These guys can obviously play, so I don't imagine they would benefit much from fancy production or a lengthy stay in the studio. And little things, like hearing the snare rattle sympathetically with the roaring guitar amp, makes you feel like you're in the room with these dudes. I dig that.

Welcome to Rodinia can be listened to and downloaded at Mirovia's bandcamp page, and you can check them out in various virtual locations like Facebook. I recommend you do one or more of those things.


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