Pedal Review Flashback x4

December 6, 2012

Review by Ian Garrett

The Pedal:       TC Electronics Flashback X4
The Point:        Multi-Mode Delay and Looper
The Cost:         $249.95
Avalible Here

By now you’ve had a chance to see Andy demoing the new TC Electronics Flashback X4.  It’s a great demo that highlights the many versatile delay modes and the looper that the X4 has to offer.  I thought I would take a closer look at a couple of the new modes that are exclusive to the X4, and talk about the versatile looper that is a part of this package as well. 

I’ve been a fan of TC Electronics delays in the past, owning the original Flashback, the Repeater and the modified iB Nova model.  All of them have something unique to offer, but the one thing they have in common is that they sound great and are simple to use.

This new X4 model continues in this vein, and goes a step beyond.  It gives you more delay settings (12) and has four slots for downloading new Toneprint settings from the TCE website (versus 1 with the original Flashback).   It also has an enhanced 60-second looper that allows all of the delay modes to be used while the looper is engaged. The previous Flashback did not allow this dual feature. Also unique to the X4 is a dedicated tap tempo switch, three preset positions to save your favorite settings, and an expression pedal input and midi control. 

New delay models that are sure to please

The first thing I did after hooking up the X4 was give the new delays a try. Tube, Space, Analog w/Modulation, and the 2290 w/Modulation settings are unique to the X4. And while not new technically, the Analog mode sounded different - I liked it better as it just seemed more believable as an analog delay than the original Flashback. I didn’t have both to compare, and maybe it’s a case of wishful thinking, but whatever it is, the analog modes rule hard.

Let’s look at some of these new settings. The Tube setting emulates an old Dynachord Tube Echo, and while it was pretty good, it wasn’t terribly exciting. It wasn’t as dark as the analog setting, and it didn’t have quite the signal degradation as I might have expected. But I’ve never owned an original Dynachord, so perhaps it is fairly accurate. The biggest compliment of this mode is that it doesn’t sound digital, so I would say mission accomplished.  

The Space setting was terrific and is almost worth the price of admission for this pedal. It is my favorite setting on this pedal.  It’s their take on the Roland Space Echo, and it adds some nice reverb and modulation to the signal. I could even see TCE building a mini pedal with just this setting, perhaps with an added control for the modulation and reverb. With this setting, the notes seem to float in space, in a very pleasing manner.  The soundstage seemed to widen, and notes had a nice lush feel to them.  The added modulation is just right, and while I normally like to be able to tweak my modulation, I didn’t feel I needed to in this setting.

The Analog w/Modulation mode was fantastic too. Again, the chorus-like modulation was very good.  I almost wish the speed of the modulation could have been a bit faster, ala the EHX Deluxe Memory Man (in vibrato mode), but it’s still really good as is.  Additionally, both analog modes work really well with some added distortion or fuzz.  After playing in this mode for a while, you might start wondering if there’s even a need to have that extra analog delay on your board. The only thing missing is the bucket brigade chip’s white noise. Not. 

The 2290 setting, as most people who are familiar with TC Electronics delays know, is an extremely accurate, digital copy of your delayed signal. Each repeat sounds like the original, with little to no signal degradation.  So the 2290 w/Modulation is an interesting setting, because the repeats are still very clean and accurate, but the added chorus modulation gives it more feeling, making it seem less sterile. I liked it a lot, and actually prefer it to the regular 2290 mode.  The added modulation is clearly present, but never overwhelming. 

That Looper

The original Flashback had a 40-second looper built into it, but it was very basic. You would choose the looper setting, step on the footswitch to start a loop, step on it again to stop the loop. Problem was, you couldn’t use the delays at the same time.  The X4 solves this dilemma with a small switch that lets you choose between delay or looper mode. When you choose looper, the delays still work, but the foot switches (for presets in delay mode) now function only for the looper.  Footswitch A starts a loop, B pauses it, C is for playing the loop only once, and the Undo/Tap switch is used to erase the loop.  And you can add layers of loops, and erase the most recent one, each time.  One thing to realize is that in loop mode, whatever delay you have chosen will be heard while making a loop. The only way to negate this is to turn the delay volume all the way down. This isn’t a big deal really, but might make it a little more challenging to use in a live context. But when you realize that full feature loopers like a Boss RC-30 are about $300 new, the X4 seems like a bargain for what you get.

Overall, I thought the X4 was a pretty good pedal. It packs a lot in a large box (small, it ain’t).  You get twelve different delays, some which are really, really good, as well as the option to add four more delays via the Toneprint option (at no added cost), plus a pretty good looper in one package.  While it doesn’t have a ton of extra features beyond what is fairly standard, it is well thought out and simple to use. I thought the construction felt good, but in full disclosure I did have one significant problem with the X4.   

After a while, I noticed the A footswitch (which controls either the first delay preset, or to start a loop) started to stick a little bit. I thought perhaps I wasn’t tapping it squarely enough, but it then happened more often. And finally it stopped working altogether.  The switches on the X4 look the same as the other Toneprint models, but they are different, and are considered a soft touch design.  While some might see this as a concern, I’ve personally owned seven other TCE pedals fairly recently, and have never had an issue with any of them, so this surprised me. I’ll chalk this up to bad luck this time. 

Rating:  3.5


5 – Tremendous product; among the very best

4 – Great value overall; exceeds expectations

3 – Definite contender, but look closely at the competition too

2 – Average at best; probably better choices exist

1 – Not ready for prime time


  1. Bob Rolle says:

    I bought and have now returned the Flashback x4 not because it didn’t function well, but didn’t meet expectations at all when it came to sound.

    The basic issue here is when trying to make a digital echo sound analog-you get the worst of both worlds: muddy digital delay that is neither warm or defined. It’s simply not worth it.

    Specific issues with this pedal: the footprint is huge (you might as well get a tape echo that it’s trying to sound like because it’s about the same size), so there goes a third to a half of your pedal board; of the presets 5 are solid sounds and the rest are unusable for what I do. Let me be clear, not one of these sounds is a stand out. There’s nothing to fall in love with here.

    And, TC, please figure this out: Provide a preview for the tone prints. Otherwise, it’s just spray and pray in finding and using these.

    And, why oh why oh , when it comes to adding modulation to an echo is there such an impulse to use chorus? I heard enough bad slow clean sounds during the 80s drenched in awful chorus to insure that there will never be a dedicated chorus in my list of effects. Adding chorus to these sounds in this pedal make the highly synthetic sounds act like Styrofoam wrapped in plastic sealed in a Tupperware.

    The default of using the current echo setting on each recorded loop makes the looper really not that useful.

    So as it’s enough just to complain: is there an answer, sure. One well voiced analog delay to be purchased here at PGS  and pick up a cheap digital delay (dd3-5 or 7 used or a Dan Echo) on ebay for when you need one. The total will be about the same cost as this pedal.

    posted on December 7, 2012 at 10:47 am
  2. Arthur Stepaniak says:

    I’m still WAITING for the ECHO-REC settings for this thing! Pay Attention PGS! That said ,I Do love my X4, However , NOTHING is PeRPheKt!  As to its being BIG, they (TC) could have added 2 other footswitches (1.)  A switch to toggle between DELAY and LOOP,  NOT that little fiddly Do-hickey between the Delay level and Looper level knobs!!! Gee I got to stop and bend down to get to it! let alone see the damn thing!  ( 2.) A Dedicated ON/OFF Switch for the Toneprints! To MUCH WORK in the HEAT of BATTLE to be fussing around, with flipping the toneprint dial up then back to engage the toneprint in a preset switch , and Oh yeah better make SURE the preset is ON! (3.) I also LIKED the “OLD” way the Tap Tempo worked in the Little FLASHBACK, WHY? can’t we have BOTH! Oh Well , could off been a little better thought out, but I still Love it, Flaws and all.  YAH BLESS YOU ALL!!!  Cheerful Art

    posted on December 7, 2012 at 1:58 pm
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  5. paul says:

    I seriously like this delay, perhaps the better unit I have messed with in years. Liked the Flashback but this expansion improves upon it quite a bit. Delays are as with all pedals subject to the rig chemistry and player’s touch dynamics much less the use.
    Very odd my “A” switch stopped working as well, also one bottom plate screw had been rounded out from install. After frustrations in trying to communicate with TC I just returned the unit to my vendor. 2nd one has been fine.
    I get a little sick of the need to have dirty analog and tape rendered modes, takes up most of the unit. Glad it has 2290 modes as well.
    All in all a great delay for the price range and I find the looper a real hoot. The ability to rig delays into the loops is pretty cool.
    I like it, I would rate it a 4.5 myself. It has more features and delay range than an Eventide and it is not a Strymon but neither is the price.

    posted on December 24, 2012 at 7:42 pm
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