T.C. Electronic Releases TonePrint Editor for iPad

January 8, 2014



TC Electronic starts the new year with a bang, by releasing the TonePrint Editor for iPad. The TonePrint Editor for iPad adds a whole new mobile dimension to the TonePrint Editor experience as well as giving the guitar community the one iPad app they've been screaming loudest for. The TonePrint Editor for iPad is available free of charge from the Apple app store.

A 1:1 port of the TonePrint Editor for Mac/PC, this mobile version of the TonePrint Editor runs smoothly and seamlessly on iPad and guarantees tone-tinkering nirvana on the go.
In order to connect TonePrint pedals to the iPad, guitarists can use the standard aftermarket camera kit, which allows for connection of a USB cable.

The TonePrint Editor allows guitarists to build their own custom version of a TC Electronic effect from the ground up - from sounds to the range of knobs and everything in between. An intuitive slider-based UI, real-time changes and easy storing of sounds allows guitarists and bassists alike to easily and quickly craft the sounds they want to hear and pair them with the best TC Electronic effects out there.

But what really sets the TonePrint editor apart is the depth with which guitarists and bassists can craft tones. Far from ‘be-all-end-all’ pedals where the only real difference is which preset you load into the pedal, the TonePrint Editor starts at zero, and from there anything is possible, from the function and range of knobs to effect parameter behavior and everything in between.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic comments: ”I personally think anything that interacts with an iPad is fun. But the intuitive, slider-based interface of the TonePrint Editor is such a perfect fit for iPad that it brings customizing TonePrints to a whole new level. I know it’s not a stretch to bring your laptop to rehearsals or a gig, but with the iPad, things are even more streamlined – throw it in your bag and customize sounds to fit the venue you’re playing, or whatever mood you might be in. Quickly, on-the-fly and with amazing results."

TonePrint Editor Main Features
• Build Custom Versions of Renowned TC Effects from Scratch
• Complete Control over All Effect Parameters and Effect Behavior
• Customizable Knob Functions and Knob Range
• Intuitive Slider-based Interface
• Live Auditioning of Sounds – Make Changes on the Fly and Get Direct Results
• Absolutely Free!


More info at TC Electronic's Website


  1. Patrice Gagnon says:

    To what kind of pedal these effect can be uploaded to?

    posted on January 9, 2014 at 4:04 am
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