Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Hybrid Fuzz


This is a lightly used, basically mint condition hybrid fuzz pedal. Super versitile. Lots of beef to the sound. Scoop the mids or boost them. The Preamp and Focus knobs really set this pedal off from others. Crank the Gain to make it hairier. You know how it is, I'm just ready to try another sound. This has treated me well for recording. Great for bass too.

I've only recorded with it, never gigged out. No velcro. Original owner. Smoke-free environment. Original box, sticker and pick included.

The official description:

The Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Hybrid Fuzz offers all of the fuzzy versatility of the Musket, with the added depth of an upgraded 4 stage germanium/silicon circuit that gives you complete control over the tone, quality, and clarity of your fuzz. Asymmetrical clipping delivers an almost overwhelming abundance of crunchy fuzz with plenty of pre-fuzz low end that you dial in with the Focus control. The Preamp control adds a clean boost to any of your settings while the Tone and Midrange knobs let you own your tone with a sweep that ranges from the metal purist’s severely scooped mids to the bright highs you need for the classics. Operates on either a standard 9 volt DC adapter or an 18 DC adapter for exceptional clarity and headroom. As with all Blackout Effectors pedals, the Blunderbuss Hybrid is wired for true bypass switching and is Made in the USA.


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