Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz v2.


Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz v2.

Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz v2.

Complete with original box, manual, everything it came with. Absolutely in "Like New" condition, no marks, no scratches, works perfect, never out of my studio.  No Velcro.


Classic Blackout! A best selling, highly tweakable, highly fuzzed up iteration of the vintage muff-type circuit. But why stop at 4 gain stages? 5 is clearly 1 better. The Musket’s added controls over MIDS-shaping, PREamp control, and FOCUSing the sub-low end frequencies address all of the commonly discussed shortcomings of the old 3-knob fuzz.

With those additions, the Musket is able to traverse the decades, the continents and the many versions of muffs along the way – from emulation to beyond. From Floyd-ian singing violin sustain to dreamy, grungy growl; the flexibility is all there at your fingertips.


  • PRE – a front end clean boost to slam the fuzz circuit for all kinds of new weirdness. The FUZZ control interacts with it to not only control amount of fuzz, but also sustain and compression.
  • MIDS –  lets you control the tonal flavor of the Musket from super scooped up to mid-boosted and everything in between. The ability to adjust the MIDS brings a whole new world to the fuzz pedal and will make sure that you are never buried in the mix again.
  • FOCUS – this seemingly subtle control is at the heart of the Musket’s uniqueness. The FOCUS knob is a pre-fuzz sub-low end control that allows the Musket to not only produce vintage fuzz, but to also get a more modern quasi-distortion/fuzz flavor with a sharper note attack and better palm muting capability than any other muff-type circuit that we know of.

Bass players! Look no further! The Musket brings the thunder. You’ll find the Musket on pro bass player boards the world over. If you need fuzz and you need it to be massive…

The Musket can also be found as one half of our classic dual fuzz monster, the Twosome, as well as its various incarnations as the VST, SST, and the almost sold-out Special Twosome Deluxe.

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