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  1. ZVex Super Hard On

    ZVex Super Hard On

    The ZVex Super Hard-On Pedal offers totally transparent clean boost. The Super Hard On will push your amp into thick power tube overdrive, allowing the natural sparkle of a great amplifier to pop right up. Check out the Zvex Super Hard On today! Learn More

  2. ZVex Seek-Trem Discontinued

    ZVex Seek-Trem Discontinued

    The ZVex Seek-Trem is a deliriously cool tremolo, featuring the same step sequencing that the seek-wah and ooh-wah use, only in a tremolo pedal. Create undulating arpeggiation sounds, helicopter chops, or even volume-swell type tones. Learn More

  3. ZVex Ringtone Ring Modulator

    ZVex Ringtone Ring Modulator - discontinued

    Regular Price: $389.00

    Special Price: $291.75

    The ZVex Ringtone is the first and only analog sequenced ring mod pedal for guitar. It features True Bypass, 8 individual step controls, a "random" stomp switch, and internal mix control. Total Z.Vex Ring Modulator lunacy! Learn More

  4. ZVex Octane 3

    ZVex Octane 3

    The Z.Vex Octane 3 is one wild fuzz pedal, with germanium diode and transistor fuzz science used with a ring mod to generate wacky upper octave tones. The Octane 3 results in demented chord voicings and solos that will likely get you fired from your band. Learn More

  5. ZVex Nano Head Tube Amp

    ZVex Nano Head Tube Amp

    The ZVex Nano Head Tube Amp is the world's tiniest tube guitar amp, 1/2 watt of tube tone that's perfect for getting that cranked amplifier sound at moderate volumes. Louder than your wife, the ZVex Nano Head Tube Amp definitely isn't quiet! Learn More
  6. ZVex Machine Fuzz Generator

    ZVex Machine Fuzz Generator

    The Z.Vex Machine is an fuzzy, ugly machete-wielding beast built specifically to cut through the mix and help your other distortion pedals sound meaner. No distortion pedal like the Machine exists on earth. Where nothing is happening, this pedal happens. Learn More

  7. ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky

    ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky

    The ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky Pedal is an all analog looper pedal capable of recording a 20 second sample and playing it back in a warped, hissy, distorted, warbling fashion. And it will save your loop for up to 100 years! Learn More

  8. ZVex Jonny Octave

    ZVex Jonny Octave

    The ZVex Jonny Octave Pedal generates upper octave notes 1 or 2 octaves above the original note from your guitar. It features level controls for each octave, a True bypass switch, and an octave selector switch. Learn More

  9. ZVex Fuzzolo

    ZVex Fuzzolo

    The Fuzzolo is a silicon fuzz with a rich subby ripping texture and aggressive midrange, with plenty of volume on tap. Because of the way it preserves the bottom end of your signal, it works great on both guitar and bass. Learn More

  10. ZVex Fuzz Probe

    ZVex Fuzz Probe

    ZVex Fuzz Probe mates theremin control to the "Stab" control on the Z.Vex Fuzz Factory, resulting in utter fuzz pedal lunacy. It's like a guitar tech twisting the knob for you while you rock out. Learn More

  11. ZVex Fuzz Factory 7

    ZVex Fuzz Factory 7

    A new take on our original company flag ship Fuzz Factory. The Fuzz Factory 7 features a 9-position rotary sub switch that opens the pedal up to an astounding new bot-tom end as well as thin, reedy fuzzes. Learn More
  12. ZVex Fuzz Factory

    ZVex Fuzz Factory

    The ZVex Fuzz Factory is the most unique Fuzz pedal ever. It features an NOS 60's Germanium fuzz circuit with unprecedented control over gating, compression, and "stab" which sends the Zvex Fuzz Factory into oscillation freakout mode. Learn More

  13. ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory

    ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory

    The Z Vex Fat Fuzz Factory – Handpainted takes the legendary fuzz that put Z Vex on the map and adds thunderous low end via a 3-way sub switch that veers dangerously close to synthy territory, all in a gorgeous, handpainted enclosure. Learn More
  14. ZVex Double Rock

    ZVex Double Rock

    The ZVex Double Rock is a configurable distortion device that features three of their popular pedals. Get dual Distortrons, dual SHO's, a Box of Rock w/boost, or BoR and SHO combo from the ZVex Double Rock for any distortion you need. Learn More
  15. ZVex Channel 2

    ZVex Channel 2

    Your Channel 2 has two knobs, one controlling Master Volume and the other controlling Gain, which sweeps from unity to +24dB. Connect a music equipment power supply of 9VDC, center negative, to the power jack for use. Learn More

  16. ZVex Box of Rock Distortion

    ZVex Box of Rock Distortion

    The Z.Vex Box of Rock is the first proper ZVex Distortion Pedal. With both a boost and a wicked distortion circuit in one little box this dual-duty rock machine recalls the glory of a vintage Marshall JTM45 set on "destroy". Be careful. Learn More

  17. ZVex Box of Metal

    ZVex Box of Metal

    ZVex Box of Metal is like adding a high-gain distortion channel to your amp. Unbelievably chunky metal tone with built in gating to eliminate noise. The ZVex Box of Metal smokes every other high-gain distortion box in production, hands down. Learn More

  18. Z-Vex Vexter Sonar

    Z-Vex Vexter Sonar

    The Z-Vex Sonar is an extraordinarily versatile tremolo pedal. The Z-Vex Sonar gives you fully controllable sine wave and square wave tremolo effects, clean boost and distortion, and tap tempo control that shifts to your preset rate. Learn More

  19. Z-Vex Effects Loop Gate

    Z-Vex Effects Loop Gate

    The Z-Vex Effects Loop Gate adds layers of versatility to your pedal board. The Loop Gate is an effects loop you can use as a clean/effect mixer you control with your dynamics, or create a tremolo or "trails" effect with any pedal, or use it as a noise gate. Learn More

  20. Z-Vex Basstortion Bass Distortion

    Z-Vex Basstortion Bass Distortion

    The Z-Vex Basstortion offers adventurous bassists abundant distortion worthy of a classic Ampeg SVT tube-amp. The Basstortion responds to your dynamics, cleans up with a turn of your volume control, & growls with primal ferocity the harder you push it. Learn More

Items 21 to 40 of 40 total

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