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  • Subdecay Anamnesis Echo - Modulated Delay

    Subdecay Anamnesis Echo - Modulated Delay

    The Subdecay Anamnesis Echo pairs digital delay with LFO modulation for truly otherworldly effects. With 60 to 600 ms of echo, and up to 30hz of modulation, the Anamnesis can perform as a standard delay or as a mind-altering effect.
  • Subdecay Liquid Sunshine MKIII

    Subdecay Liquid Sunshine MKIII

    The Subdecay Liquid Sunshine MKIII is a low to medium gain overdrive which can be used as a simple boost, treble boost, or an OD—cascaded JFETS provide smooth overdrive with tone similar to vacuum tubes.
  • Subdecay Noise Box

    Subdecay Noise Box

    The Subdecay Noisebox is somewhere between a “chaotic octave generator, guitar synth, and a broken robot stuck in an angry bee hive.” Do we have your attention, now?!
  • Subdecay Octasynth

    Subdecay Octasynth

    The Subdecay Octasynth is a synth effect that converts the guitar signal into 3 square wave octaves that are then run into a resonant filter. Create huge analog synth tones with the Subdecay Octasynth.
  • Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phase Machine

    Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phase Machine

    The Subdecay Quasar Quantum is simple, yet complex—offering lush watery phase tones that span from traditional sine and triangle LFO shapes to 8 & 16 step sequence phasing for intergalactic transport. Buckle up!
  • Subdecay Siren Pitch Vibrato

    Subdecay Siren Pitch Vibrato

    The Subdecay Siren is a true pitch vibrato effect with built in touch sensitivity. Moderate settings create mesmerizing modulation. More extreme settings turn to seasick warbling and pitch madness that will send you off to visit Hades in the underworld.
  • Subdecay Spring Theory - discontinued

    Subdecay Spring Theory - discontinued

    The Subdecay Spring Theory is the result of painstakingly analyzing every possible detail of true spring reverbs. The Subdecay Spring Theory provides accurate, dynamic spring reverb as well as versatile, fully adjustable room reverb.

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  • Subdecay Starlight Quantum Flanger

    Subdecay Starlight Quantum Flanger

    The Subdecay Starlight Quantum Flanger is a new device that blends the versatility of digital control with an all analog signal path and bucket-brigade driven effect. Versatility and great tone are packed into the the Subdecay Starlight Quantum Flanger.
  • Subdecay Super Nova Drive

    Subdecay Super Nova Drive

    The Subdecay Super Nova Drive is a small pedal with huge sound and a wide range of smooth, refined gain with great dynamic response and note definition.
  • Subdecay Variac Overdrive

    Subdecay Variac Overdrive

    The team of toneheads at Subdecay have developed a pedal that behaves the way YOU want. You, the player, has control over preamp saturation, power amp saturation (Pentodes), and a switch that switches between two (analog) phase inverter tube simulations—Cathodyne and LTP or "Long Tail Pair."
  • Subdecay Vitruvian Mod

    Subdecay Vitruvian Mod

    The Vitruvian Mod a ring modulator with a synthesizer soul. Inspired by additive synthesis and set apart from other ring modulators by its pitch detection capabilities and the ability to be tuned by site, the Vitruvian Mod is a ring modulator you can love.

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