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  1. Mojohand FX #1 Iron Bell

    Limited edition Iron Bell - Gilmour version Learn More
  2. Mojo Hand Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp

    The Mojo Hand Rook Royale pairs a Rook overdrive with a modified Echoplex preamp for a truly great gain pedal. Independent True bypass, reversible stacking and the fantastic sound of 2 great effects may make the Rook Royale the star of your pedal board. Learn More
  3. Mojo Hand Rook Royale

    Very nice overdrive and separate boost (Echoplex style) in one unit! Barely used $165.00 plus $8.00 shipping, continental US only Learn More
  4. Mojo Hand FX Superlative Overdrive

    The Superlative is a recreation of the preamp circuit from an old Valco amplifier. These old amps are notorious for coating your tone in a thick, yet velvety sheen, and they sound especially good when cranked much louder than they were meant to. Learn More

  5. Mojo Hand FX Speakeasy Preamp

    Based on the revered EP-3 circuit, the Speakeasy one ups the competition by giving you more shaping ability and tonal range. The seperate GAIN and VOLUME controls essentially double the preamp’s useability while the addition of a full range TONE knob and 3 way ‘thickness’ switch allows you to tailor the Speakeasy’s tone to YOUR needs. Learn More

  6. Mojo Hand FX Socrates

    An extremely organic and natural sounding distortion with tremendous flexibility. Learn More

  7. Mojo Hand FX Rook Royale

    Rook Royal overdrive. Excellent condition with original box. Learn More
  8. Mojo Hand FX Rook

    The Rook overdrive is all the versatility you need from a set of overdrives in one small package. From bright and clean to dark and heavy, the Rook Overdrive will get you where your ears want to go. Learn More

  9. Mojo Hand FX Mirror Ball Delay

    550ms of sweet analog-voiced delay fine tuned to sit perfectly in the mix with warm overtones yet still retain clarity. Add in a fully tweakable modulation section at the flick of a switch to accentuate your echoes, whispers and howls with various shades of warble. Learn More

  10. Mojo Hand FX Magpie

    In a world off transparent overdrives, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. The Mojo Hand Magpie is your lantern in this foggy world. Perfect as a light to medium gain overdrive, and even a preamp, the Magpie is as transparent as they come. Learn More

  11. Mojo Hand FX Magistrate

    The Magistrate calls the Marshall amplifiers to mind, as it is fully capable of a convincing "brown sound" when dialed in properly, and the three-band EQ definitely functions more like the front end of an amp rather than an effects pedal. Learn More

  12. Mojo Hand FX Iron Bell Fuzz

    Barely used - MINT CONDITION Learn More
  13. Mojo Hand FX Extra Special Overdrive

    Mojo Hand has truly outdone itself with the Extra Special, its newest take on the venerable "D" Style circuit. Boasting the looks and tone to back up its decorated lineage. Learn More
  14. Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz

    A wonderful take on the legendary Fuzz Face. Learn More
  15. Mojo Hand FX Colossus

    The Colossus Fuzz recreates the huge fuzz sound of the Russian Muff but sporting some new millennium features. The folks at Mojo Hand heard the cries of all fuzz players and added a full mid control to the Colossus giving it the versatility to be your only fuzz box. Learn More
  16. Mojo Hand FX BMP-2

    The new BMP-2 by Mojo Hand FX makes no bones about its origins, depicting a decidedly Soviet exterior and offering up a very familiar initialism and control set. How is it? Excellent. Learn More

  17. Mojo hand fx bluebonnet special overdrive

    This 3 knob version of the Bluebonnet Overdrive is a medium (to high) gain overdrive. Don’t let the pretty flowers fool you, it’s full of raunchy Texas tones (think BFG instead of SRV). It features Volume, Gain, and Tone controls, plus a 2 way toggle for different styles of clipping. Learn More
  18. Mojo Hand FX Analogue Filter

    The Analogue Filter 443 has more control, more funk, and more outright stank. Featuring a seemingly endless palette of tonal possibilites, The Analogue Filter 443 from Mojo Hand FX will put the "Mother" back in your mothership. Learn More

  19. Mojo Hand FX 1978

    Mint Condition. Comes with box and bag. Great over the top muff style fuzz. Learn More

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