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  • Effectrode Atomic Power Supply

    Effectrode Atomic Power Supply

    The Atomic Power Supply was designed by Effectrode to meet the high power requirements of the Effectrode tube-effect pedal lineup. With the Atomic PS, you can run multiple Effectrode pedals off of one box.
  • Effectrode Blackbird Tube Preamp

    Effectrode Blackbird Tube Preamp

    The Effectrode Blackbird is a 2-channel, tube preamp in a pedal. The clean channel perfectly recreates Fender's Blackface circuit, while the overdrive is a modified Dumble/Soldano style circuit that makes the Effectrode Blackbird the pedal of your dreams.
  • Effectrode Delta-Trem Tremolo Pedal

    Effectrode Delta-Trem Tremolo Pedal

    The Effectrode Delta-Trem Tremolo pedal was designed to relieve the shortcomings of vintage amp vibrato circuits. For true high quality tremolo in a pedal, check out the Effectrode Delta-Trem Tremolo pedal.
  • Effectrode Firebottle Booster

    Effectrode Firebottle Booster

    The Effectrode Firebottle is an audiophile quality boost pedal designed specifically for magnetic guitar pickups. Utilizing NOS 6112 subminiature vacuum tubes, the Effectrode Firebottle is a tube amplifier input stage in a pedal that offers tube based clean boost and grit with a low noise level.
  • Effectrode Helios Fuzz

    Effectrode Helios Fuzz

    The Effectrode Helios Fuzz pedal is a tube fuzz built with hand selected pace-grade pencil tubes and NOS point-contact crystal diodes for sunny, face melting fuzz tones!
  • Effectrode Compressor

    Effectrode PC-2A Compressor

    The Effectrode Compressor pedal offers incredible tone and versatility. The Effectrode Compressor pedal is an all-tube powered analog pedal.
  • Effectrode Tube Drive Overdrive

    Effectrode Tube Drive Overdrive

    The Effectrode Tube Drive is a Class A all tube overdrive pedal. Instead of using germanium transistors to simulate tube distortion, the Tube Drive does it with tubes! Check out the Effectrode Tube Drive Overdrive pedal for the real deal!
  • Effectrode Tube-Vibe Vibrato Pedal

    Effectrode Tube-Vibe Vibrato Pedal

    The Effectrode Tube-Vibe Vibrato Pedal is a reproduction of the classic Uni-Vibe. This tube driven monster delivers warm, analog vibrato pedal that delivers audiophile quality tone. For the best of the best, check out the Effectrode Tube-Vibe.

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