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  1. FuzzHugger Algal Bloom V2

    The FuzzHugger Algal Bloom is a harmonically rich fuzz pedal that produces an open, full-bodied tone that will drive fuzz enthusiasts wild. Delivering wide range fuzz with unparalleled note definition, the FuzzHugger Algal Bloom can go from drive to full on fuzz with never ending sustain. Learn More

  2. FuzzHugger Doom Bloom

    This updated take on Fuzzhugger's Algal Bloom pedal might very well be the finest stoner rock pedal on the market, and like all Fuzzhugger pedals, the Doom Bloom doesn't skimp on the options, and as such, there are hundreds of sounds in here. Learn More

  3. FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade

    The FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade is a unique octave/fuzz effect that provides 4 modes for an outlandish amount of flexibility and tone. From ring mod to octave up, the FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade truly will give the feeling of being in a haunted arcade. Learn More

  4. FuzzHugger Sonic Bloom


    Fuzzhugger serves up another buffet of original fuzz with the Sonic Bloom.

    Learn More

  5. FuzzHugger Sonic Shroom

    The FuzzHugger Sonic Shroom is a multi-function fuzz box that delivers loads of searing gain that is shapeable and controllable via the Trip knob. Learn More

  6. Fuzzrocious Anomalies

    Get weird with this delay. Mint condition in original box. Learn More

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