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  • MXR M103 Blue Box Fuzz Octave Pedal

    MXR M103 Blue Box Fuzz Octave Pedal

    More low end than your neighbor's lowrider, the MXR M-103 Blue Box Fuzz Octave pedal will scream its way into your heart. Fuzz and two octave down duplication makes the wet signal from the MXR M-103 Blue Box Fuzz pedal chaotic yet friendly.
  • MXR M104 Distortion +

    MXR M104 Distortion +

    The MXR M104 Distortion + is a soft clip, germanium diode distortion designed for those classic tones. Get everything from rich distortion to vintage overdrive or use the MXR M104 Distortion + to enrich an already dirty amp for over the top lead tones.
  • MXR M109 6-Band EQ

    MXR M109 6-Band EQ

    The MXR 6-Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies, with each slider ready to deliver +/-18dB of cut or boost for incredible control over your sound.
  • MXR M-115 Distortion III Pedal

    MXR M115 Distortion III Pedal

    The new Distortion III joins the ranks of MXR classics--such as the Phase 90 and Dyna Comp--setting a new benchmark in tone and quality. Developed from the ground up using carefully selected components, the D-III delivers everything from sweet singing overdrive to massive ... read more
  • MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion

    MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion

    The new for 2009 MXR Fullbore Metal M-116 Distortion unleashes viscous metal tones in compact case. If you are looking for over the top distortion with sweepable mids and a built in gate the MXR Fullbore M-116 Metal Distortion was made for you.
  • MXR M132 Super Comp

    MXR M132 Super Comp

    The MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor is an update of the legendary Dyna Comp, adding an attack level control that lets you preserve initial volume without sacrificing sustain. Need tight, snappy clean tones? The Super Comp is for you.
  • MXR M133 Micro Amp Clean Boost Pedal

    MXR M133 Micro Amp Clean Boost Pedal

    The MXR M-133 Micro Amp is an affordable clean boost pedal designed to give a boost to your amps front end or balance out instruments with different output levels. Check out the MXR M-133 Micro Amp and give your rock a boost!
  • MXR M148 Micro Chorus

    MXR M148 Micro Chorus

    The MXR Micro Chorus is a brilliant reissue of MXR's analog chorus stompbox from the 80's. Utterly simple in design and operation, its old school bucket brigade technology delivers rich warm analog chorus shimmer with just a turn of the rate knob. Although the MXR Micro Chorus ... read more

  • MXR M152 Micro Flanger

    MXR M152 Micro Flanger

    The MXR Micro Flanger is a brilliant take on the MXR M117 Flanger, but in a compact unit. This killer flanger pedal was originally released in the 80's, in a time when you didn't need a massive stompbox to achieve breathtaking analog effects. This completely faithful reproducti... read more

  • MXR M193 GT-OD

    MXR M193 GT-OD

    The MXR M193 GT-OD is a sweet overdrive pedal based on classic overdrive tones from all genres of music. This little green bad boy provides overdrive from mild crunch to singing sustain and everything in between. Designed to be totally transparent, the MXR M193 GT-OD does not co... read more

  • MXR M195 Noise Clamp

    MXR M195 Noise Clamp

    Crank it up without the noise with the MXR M195 Noise Clamp. Designed to give up to 26db of noise relief, the MXR M195 Noise Clamp is perfect for the high gain player looking to quiet down the background and let the guitar shine through.
  • MXR M234 Analog Chorus

    MXR M234 Analog Chorus

    The MXR M234 Analog Chorus is a true bucket-brigade chorus pedal that packs tons of vintage shimmer and swirl. Dial in the amount of chorus then use the Hi and Low frequency cut knobs to dial in the tone and the MXR M234 Analog Chorus will give you exactly what you're after.
  • MXR M75 Super Badass

    MXR M75 Super Badass

    MXR’s Custom Badass™ team is at it again, this time with the Super Badass Distortion—nothing but rock housed in a sturdy stompbox, bringing you decades of analog distortion that covers the whole spectrum of rock to metal and beyond.
  • MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D. Overdrive

    MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D. Overdrive

    The MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D. Overdrive is a hot-rodded classic overdrive circuit with added versatility and modern modifications to give you the best performance and dirt possible.
  • MXR M78 Custom Badass 78 Distortion

    MXR M78 Custom Badass 78 Distortion

    The all new MXR Custom Badass 78 Distortion is here. Built road tough the MXR Custom Badass 78 Distortion is a hot-rodded distortion circuit designed to bring that big amp tone to any rig.
  • MXR MC401 CAE Boost / Line Driver

    MXR MC401 CAE Boost / Line Driver

    The MXR MC-401 Custom Audio Electronics Boost / Line Driver pedal is a great clean boost for your pedalboard. The CAE Boost is great for boosting signal on long cable runs too. Check out the The MXR MC-401 CAE Boost / Line Driver.
  • MXR ZW38 Black Label Chorus

    MXR ZW38 Black Label Chorus

    The MXR Black Label Chorus is not your typical chorus pedal, because it is crafted and modeled after Zakk Wylde's own tone and style. This is Zakk's secret weapon - a stereo chorus that thickens up solos and adds some lush texture to the cleans, without taking away from his mon... read more

  • MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive

    MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive

    The Zakk Wylde Overdrive is your pedal. Looking for a great overdrive? How about a front end boost on your tube amp? From crunchy rhythm tones to screaming leads, MXR delivers the drive like a rock 'n' roll pizza boy.
  • MXR ZW90 Wylde Phase

    MXR ZW90 Wylde Phase

    The MXR ZW90 is a limited edition pedal that brings you Zakk’s take on the legendary Phase 90, allowing you to dial in everything from slow washy phase to rapid-fire pulses that make your head spin.
  • Neo Instruments Ventilator Remote

    Neo Instruments Ventilator Remote

    The perfect companion to the Neo Ventilator with the same high quality build design.
  • Pedaltrain Jr - Soft Case

    Pedaltrain Jr - Soft Case

    A compact pedalboard frame, perfect for players who want to keep their setup small and simple, or for the quick weekend jam where you need to take along a few of your "must have" tones.
  • Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Soft Case

    Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Soft Case

    The Metro Series is Pedaltrain’s first three-rail pedal board system. Pedaltrain’s new Metro Series is perfect for players who need a portable, grab-and- go solution.
  • PedalTrain Nano - Soft Case

    PedalTrain Nano - Soft Case

    The PedalTrain Nano is the perfect board for those that only use a couple of effects or for the full range of any tiny effects out there. Built tough and including a soft case, the PedalTrain Nano is easy to pack and unpack to reduce setup time.
  • Pedaltrain Nano Plus with Soft Case

    Pedaltrain Nano Plus with Soft Case

    Don’t let its small size fool you. Nano+ is the foundation of some very powerful rigs. Nano+ is Pedaltrain’s only two-rail pedal board system. Nano+ is ultra-compact and portable.
  • Pedaltrain Universal Power Supply Mounting Brackets - UBKT-2

    Pedaltrain Universal Power Supply Mounting Brackets - UBKT-2

    The Pedal Train UBKT-2 is an all new and universal mounting solution that allows you to mount any Power Supply underneath a PT-3 or PT-PRO pedal board.
  • Pedaltrain Volto VT1

    Pedaltrain Volto VT1

    The Pedaltrain Volto is a rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of providing 2000mA of clean, super quiet power to as many 9v pedals as you like!
  • Pigtronix Aria Distortion - Discontinued

    Pigtronix Aria Distortion - Discontinued

    The Pigtronix Aria is the latest distortion pedal coming from our boys at Pigtronix. The Aria is a new take on diode clipping that produces a warm, amp-like drive tone that is touch responsive and dynamic. The Pigtronix Aria features a three band 12db/octave active EQ for ultim... read more

    Regular Price: $165.00

    Special Price: $99.00

  • Pigtronix Echolution 2 Remote

    Pigtronix Echolution 2 Remote

    The Pigtronix Echolution 2 Remote gives you unprecedented control over your Echolution 2 Delay Pedal, allowing you to instantly select your top 4 presets and use the Freeze and Jump functions.
  • Pigtronix Infinity Looper Remote

    Pigtronix Infinity Looper Remote

    The Infinity Remote Switch is a dual momentary switch designed to compliment the Infinity Looper pedal. Unleashing the full potential of the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, this compact remote switch provides access to UNDO / REDO and REVERSE functionality as well as a few other hidden features.
  • Pro Co RAT 2

    Pro Co RAT 2

    The RAT2 is the classic distortion pedal in the Pro Co RAT family. It has a unique tone structure that other effect devices are measured against.  The beauty of the RAT 2 lies in its versatility. Used as a primary distortion, it excels at arena rock rhythm tones and soaring leads.
  • Pro Co Turbo RAT

    Pro Co Turbo RAT

    The Turbo RAT is the most intense pedal in the RAT family. For those brave enough to harness its power, it provides a palette of distortion unequaled by any other pedal. This is why it has been a main ingredient in the post punk/indie rock movement of the past twenty years.
  • Pro Co You Dirty RAT

    Pro Co You Dirty RAT

    This is the most classic sounding of all RAT distortion pedals. Think '60s garage rock. Think early punk. Think about the bands that changed the sound of rock 'n' roll.

Items 181 to 216 of 261 total

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