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  1. Wilson Effects 12 Position Rippah Booster Wah Vintage Spec

    A plethora of options adorn the exterior of the pedal but one thing is for sure: you won't be lost in and band's mix ever again. This is the Rippah Q wah with the addition of a boost circuit. Learn More

  2. Wilson Effects 12 Position Rippah Q-Wah Vintage Spec

    Tired of losing yourself in the mix? That's the question Wilson Effects had in mind when creating the Rippah Q-Wah. A plethora of options adorn the exterior of the pedal but one thing is for sure: you won't be lost in and band's mix ever again. Learn More

  3. Wilson Effects 12 Position Wilson Wah Vintage Spec

    For those of you that wish someone made a classic wah with a huge, juicy bottom end, the search is over. The standard Wilson Wah is turned for maximum low end at the heel-down end of the spectrum for unparalleled quack and throatiness. Learn More

  4. Wilson Effects Dirty Beaver Ram's Head Fuzz

    The particular Beaver is patterned after a “ram’s head” Muff, so named because the pedal featured the now-seldom-used Electro-Harmonix ram’s head logo. This was a 1970s incarnation of the Muff circuit and is renowned for versatile, singing lead tone. Learn More

  5. Wilson Effects Dirty Beaver Triangle Fuzz

    One look at Kevin Wilson’s extensive catalog of effects will tell you that he knows what he’s doing. That said, when the man makes a Muff, it’s time to listen up. And so it came to be, and it was christened the Dirty Beaver. Learn More

  6. Wilson Effects Dual Lotus Drive

    Wilson is the only manufacturer in the fold that offers two Dumble pedals in one enclosure, for the dreamer in all of us. Learn More

  7. Wilson Effects Freaker Wah

    Based on one of the most unique wah pedals of all time—the Tychobrahe Parapedal—the Freaker Wah certainly earns its name with strange-yet-musical resonant filter sweeps. Learn More

  8. Wilson Effects Haze Vibe

    The name of the Wilson Haze suggests a hearkening back to an era in which rock guitarists' signals were drenched in psychedelia. And as far as Uni-Vibe style pedals are concerned, the Wilson Haze sits in elite company. Learn More

  9. Wilson Effects Knuckle Dragger

    Based on a Univox Superfuzz with tons of extra controls. Learn More
  10. Wilson Effects Lusus Naturae

    Wilson's organic overdrive pedal gives you many flavors of low-gain goodness. Learn More

  11. Wilson Effects Mycelium

    Taking its inspiration from the strange Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah, the Wilson Effect Mycelium features everything in that pedal EXCEPT the wah part. That's ok, the wah part was average at best, but the real meat-and-potatoes of the circuit is the wacked-out ring modulator that exists therein. Learn More

  12. Wilson Effects Signature Wah Vintage Spec

    Kevin Wilson of Wilson Effects loves wahs. So much so, in fact, that the Wilson Signature Wah is modeled after not just a particular kind of wah, but after one particular Clyde McCoy signature wah that he himself owns. Learn More

  13. Wilson Effects Stoned Grasshopper

    With three switches for Fuzz, Drive and Boost, it's the ultimate weekend warrior pedal. The Fuzz side is based on a vintage '70s silicon fuzz, with an internal bias control for all the spitty, raspy fuzz a player could ever desire. Learn More

  14. Wilson Effects Ten Spot II Wah

    In essence, the Ten Spot II is a faithful recreation of the Ibanez WH-10, a plastic offering from Ibanez that became known as John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers' wah of choice. Learn More
  15. Wilson Effects Tunable Colorful Clone Vintage Spec

    The TCC is based off a "Macari wah" otherwise known as a Colorsound. Macari's in London was the first store to sell Tone Bender pedals and is now a legendary Mecca for gearheads the world over. The Colorsound wah is one of their babies, and now the Tunable Colorful Clone can be yours. Learn More

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