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  1. Blackout Effectors Fubär

    The Blackout Effectors Fubär is the natural evolution of the monstrous Fuzz Bear, a wild five-knob, do-it-all fuzz exploration device. Learn More

  2. Blackout Effectors Cadavernous Reverb V2

    The Cadavernous V2 from Blackout Effectors is a supremely sublime ambient reverberator that can do a tasty spring and room reverb as well. Learn More
  3. Black Arts Toneworks Witch Burner Overdrive/Distortion

    Black Arts Toneworks is already know for bringing “the heavy” with each and every pedal it makes. And with the heavy being brought even with names like “Pharoah” and “LSTR,” you know when—much like the Destroyer—they name something the Witch Burner, it’s going to bring the heavy in a hurry. Learn More

  4. Black Arts Toneworks Sarcophagus Fuzz

    Black Arts Toneworks put their LSTR and the Pharaoh fuzz circuits into one box. With a toggle to determine order. Learn More

  5. Black Arts Toneworks Revelation (SuperBass)

    The Black Arts Toneworks Revelation (SuperBass) is a stripped down, all out amp pusher with a bassy, gruff, throaty sound that doesn't color your amp's tone-- just makes MORE of it. Learn More

  6. Black Arts Toneworks Rabid Mammal

    Matt Pike's signature dirt box earns its name with two circuits that will tear your amp to pieces. Learn More

  7. Black Arts Toneworks Quantum Mystic

    Developed as a joint effort between Black Arts Toneworks and Mike Scheidt of the band YOB, from right here in Portland, Oregon. Learn More

  8. Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme

    A wonderful, yet versatile, "ram's head" Muff-style crunch that transcends all genres of music. Learn More

  9. Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Fuzz

    The Black Arts Toneworks Pharoah Fuzz is a versatile fuzz pedal built in the Muff vein with some extra tone-shaping features. Switch between Germanium, Silicon, or No clipping and use the High control for some extra top end shaping and the Black Arts Toneworks Pharoah Fuzz will provide all the muffy goodness you can ask for. Learn More

  10. Black Arts Toneworks LSTR

    The Black Arts Toneworks LSTR brings fuzz and string articulation into the same sentence for the first time. The Black Arts Toneworks LSTR provides more fuzz and gain than the Black Arts Pharaoh with a smoother attack and added mid-scoop. Learn More

  11. Black Arts Toneworks Fnord

    The Black Arts Toneworks Fnord is a Scrambler-based fuzz with upper octave overtones and a wicked ability to retain chord clarity while providing a massive wall of fuzz. Learn More

  12. Black Arts Toneworks Destroyer

    With two switches and just one knob, the Destroyer does one thing very well. It simply destroys. Learn More

  13. Black Arts Toneworks Coven

    With the Black Forest Overdrive and Pharaoh fuzz in one enclosure, Black Arts is not just giving you huge and harmonically rich tone, they are saving you space and clutter. Learn More
  14. Black Arts Toneworks Black Sheep

    Black Arts has taken the Bee Baa circuit under the microscope and knife and has done a great job giving the circuit a much-needed facelift. Learn More

  15. Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest Overdrive

    Based on the classic Colorsound Overdriver, the Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest Overdrive lends a new perspective on this classic circuit. The Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest Overdrive features lower noise, more tonal control, and more gain on tap for a versatile, yet classic tone that is guaranteed to turn heads. Learn More

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