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  1. Analog Alien Rumbleseat

    Analog Alien’s Rumbleseat combines independent drive, delay, and reverb effects into one pedal for the ultimate in rockabilly tone. Learn More

  2. Analog Alien Power Pack


    The Power Pack is a one-knob clean boost that redefines what it means to be clean. 

    Learn More

  3. Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic

    It combines two effects Joe actually uses when he's playing in his studio—a high-quality compressor and a vintage amplifier. Learn More

  4. Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45

    The Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 is a fantastic dual pedal that features a vintage-voiced overdrive and a fuzz face in one box. Not only will the Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 channel Jimi and Pete but it will provide more versatility for a plethora of tones. Learn More
  5. Analog Alien Bucket Seat

    The circuit is based on a Marshall-style preamp with its own unique sound to make it an excptional-sounding Marshall-style unit. Learn More

  6. Analog Alien Alien Twister Fuzz

    The Analog Alien Alien Twister is a versatile fuzz machine from another world! Hotter than the included hot sauce, the Analog Alien Alien Twister will scream and claw its way into your heart and your tone. Learn More

  7. Analog Alien Alien Bass Station

    Like the Rumble Seat, the ABS is a three-effect combo built for bass players. Whereas the guitar version features a Marshall-style drive, a delay and a reverb, the ABS features three effect tailor-made for our low-freq brethren: a limiter, amp simulator and fuzz. Learn More

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