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  • TC Electronic PolyTune 2

    TC Electronic PolyTune 2

    The TC Electronic Polytune is the new kid on the block in pedal tuner technology. Featuring a patented polychromatic tuning circuit, the TC Electronic Polytune eliminates the need to go string to string while tuning.
  • TC Electronic Nova System

    TC Electronic Nova System

    The TC Electronic Nova System is the latest in effects technology. Combining a unique analog overdrive circuit, the Nova Drive Technology NDT, with TC's studio quality effects, the TC Electronic Nova System redefines multi-effects.
  • TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive

    TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive

    Guitarists everywhere, start your engines, because your tone is about to take a new turn! Introducing the NDR-1 Nova Drive, TC Electronic's dual engine, digitally controllable, true bypass overdrive/distortion effect pedal, that features the awesome analogue drive circuit ported f... read more
  • TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay Pedal

    TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay Pedal

    The TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay puts the professional studio delay sounds TC is legendary for in a guitar pedal format. From vintage slapback sounds to classic studio delays like TC ping-pong and panning sounds, the TC Nova Delay covers all the bases.
  • TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    The TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive is an all new amp-like drive pedal that delivers stunning clarity and dynamic response at any gain level. Quiet operation and ramped up internal voltage allow the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive to yield an open, dynamic tone without coloring the... read more
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

    The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb is one of the new Toneprint enabled effects pedals introduced this year. Featuring 11 different reverb types, true bypass, and the ability to download favorite artist settings, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb brings the quality reverb expec... read more
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb

    The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini gives you access to all of TC's incredible reverbs but in an extremely pedalboard friendly size.
  • TC Electronic G-Natural

    TC Electronic G-Natural

    The latest in preamp technology for acoustic guitar! The TC Electronic G-Natural features a mic preamp, guitar preamp, as well as T.C. Electronic's studio quality effects. Live or studio, the G Natural has you covered.
  • TC Electronic G-Major 2

    TC Electronic G-Major 2

    The TC Electronic G-Major 2 is made by guitarists for guitarists. This multi-effects processor is pure guitar magic in a single-space rackmountable unit at a price that lets you ease into greatness.
  • TC Electronic Flashback X4

    TC Electronic Flashback X4

    The TC Electronic Flashback X4 puts a whole world of delay at your feet. An impressive variety of great sounding delay effects, 4 foot switches, a 40 second looper, and 4 TonePrint slots make the TC Electronic Flashback X4 the most useful pedal on your pedal board.
  • TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

    TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

    TC Electronic took all that you know and love about their delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. If you are looking for a versatile, compact delay for your board, look no further!
  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    The TC Electronic Flashback Delay is a compact digital delay pedal featuring Toneprint technology. Allowing the user to download settings from their favorite artists, the TC Electronic Flashback Delay is also a versatile delay pedal packed full of new and exciting features that promis... read more
  • TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

    TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

    TC Electronic is back at it with the Ditto X2, which adds a two-button enclosure, stereo I/O, plus toggle switches that allow the user to set loop speed/direction (1/2 speed or reverse) or access backing tracks. And we thought the original Ditto was jampacked with features!

  • TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    The TC Electronic Ditto Looper samples and replays up to five minutes of guitar with unlimited overdubs. Use the Ditto Looper to form your own one-man-band or just harmonize, lay down a rhythm track and solo over it, or record, play, and overdub onstage.

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price: $99.99

  • TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

    TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

    The TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion is a breakthrough distortion pedal that delivers everything from vintage crunch to modern high gain distortion. Utilizing higher internal voltage than most drive pedals, the TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion stays open, quiet, and dynamic at any setting.
  • TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus

    TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus

    The Corona Mini chorus pedal yields lush, thick and swirly sounds in a form factor chorus-smugglers around the world and guitarists with precious little room on their boards will appreciate.
  • TC Electronic Corona Chorus

    TC Electronic Corona Chorus

    The TC Electronic Corona Chorus is a high quality, compact chorus pedal featuring TC's SCF chorus, a tri-chorus, and TC's all new Toneprint technology. Any guitarist can download their favorite artist presets or dial in any chorus tone their heart desires with the all new TC Electron... read more
  • TC Electronic Alter Ego X4

    TC Electronic Alter Ego X4

    Starting with the acquisition of several vintage delay units three years ago, we undertook the Alter Ego X4 project in the most organic way possible—deriving sounds from the actual units to be modeled. When the project was completed, we unanimously agreed that the Alter Ego X4 ... read more

    Regular Price: $269.95

    Special Price: $179.99

  • TC Electronic Alter Ego 2 Delay

    TC Electronic Alter Ego 2 Delay

    Have you ever wanted a tiny pedal that captures the essence of every delay sound in the history of popular music? We did too. Enter: the TC Electronic Alter Ego 2. The revamped Alter Ego crams every last bit of information from our groundbreaking Alter Ego X4, but in a much smaller format.
  • Taylor ES Go Mini Pick Up

    Taylor ES Go Mini Pick Up

  • Taylor Accessories 1/4" RA/ST TRS - 18ft Cable

    Taylor Accessories 1/4" RA/ST TRS - 18ft Cable

    The Taylor 1/4" RA/ST - 18ft Cable is ideal for connecting your Expression System Pickup equipped Taylor guitar to your amp. Standard, right angle, ¼” Tip-Ring-Sleeve plug with a standard straight TRS at the other end.
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Pedal Power Supply

    T-Rex Fuel Tank Pedal Power Supply

    No more batteries to change. No more tangled adapter cables to trip over. The T-Rex Engineering FuelTank is the perfect power supply unit for guitarists who want to focus on their performance, not their gear.

    Reliably delivering 1500mA through ten DC plugs, FuelTank powers... read more
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

    T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

    The T Rex Fuel Tank Jr. is much smaller than its big brother, but still powers up to five 9V guitar pedals, or three 9-Volt pedals and one 18-Volt pedal. It takes up way less space on a crowded pedal board too!
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath

    T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath

    With 7 isolated outlets and the ability to handle 9, 12 and 18 volt DC pedals plus a 12 volt AC box, Goliath will power almost every pedal you own – and then some.
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon

    T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon

    The T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon provides 6 separate outlets for a pedal board with a variety of pedal power needs. The T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon provides clean power so you can focus on your playing, not your power supply.
  • Synthmonger Micro Fuzzmonger

    Synthmonger Micro Fuzzmonger

    The micro Fuzzmonger (Fμzzmonger) is a synthesizer wave folding circuit converted for guitar level signals. The first of its kind, the voltage controlled fuzz section will allow any player to expressively control the amount of fuzz via the expression pedal or CV input jack.

    Regular Price: $130.00

    Special Price: $78.00

  • Synthmonger Fuzzmonger MK1

    Synthmonger Fuzzmonger MK1

    The Fuzzmonger mk1 is an all new voltage controlled cross-over Fuzz pedal designed to give you an unlimited range of fuzz tones!

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price: $150.00

  • Subdecay Vitruvian Mod

    Subdecay Vitruvian Mod

    The Vitruvian Mod a ring modulator with a synthesizer soul. Inspired by additive synthesis and set apart from other ring modulators by its pitch detection capabilities and the ability to be tuned by site, the Vitruvian Mod is a ring modulator you can love.
  • Subdecay Variac Overdrive

    Subdecay Variac Overdrive

    The team of toneheads at Subdecay have developed a pedal that behaves the way YOU want. You, the player, has control over preamp saturation, power amp saturation (Pentodes), and a switch that switches between two (analog) phase inverter tube simulations—Cathodyne and LTP or "Long Tail Pair."
  • Subdecay Super Spring Theory

    Subdecay Super Spring Theory

    One of the best spring reverb pedals just got even better! Subdecay’s original Spring Theory pedal took a reverb pedal’s design and pared it down until it was nearly as simple as the very spring tank it is derived from.
  • Subdecay Super Nova Drive

    Subdecay Super Nova Drive

    The Subdecay Super Nova Drive is a small pedal with huge sound and a wide range of smooth, refined gain with great dynamic response and note definition.
  • Subdecay Starlight Flanger MKII

    Subdecay Starlight Flanger MKII

    If you've ever had the pleasure of playing any of Subdecay's modulation boxes, then you know that there are none finer. The Starlight Flanger MKII is no exception, as the torch has been passed from V1 to the new and improved MKII.
  • Subdecay Siren Pitch Vibrato

    Subdecay Siren Pitch Vibrato

    The Subdecay Siren is a true pitch vibrato effect with built in touch sensitivity. Moderate settings create mesmerizing modulation. More extreme settings turn to seasick warbling and pitch madness that will send you off to visit Hades in the underworld.
  • Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phase Machine

    Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phase Machine

    The Subdecay Quasar Quantum is simple, yet complex—offering lush watery phase tones that span from traditional sine and triangle LFO shapes to 8 & 16 step sequence phasing for intergalactic transport. Buckle up!
  • Subdecay Proteus

    Subdecay Proteus

    The Subdecay Proteus is the perfect plug-and-play filter effect. With sweet envelope filtering and random sample/hold step filtering, the Subdecay Proteus couldn't be easier to use and sounds top-notch just like all Subdecay effects.
  • Subdecay Prometheus Dlx

    Subdecay Prometheus Dlx

    The Subdecay Prometheus Dlx is a be-all, end-all envelope filter effect. With 9 different functions and an all analog signal path, the Subdecay Prometheus Dlx is truly one of the most versatile envelope filters out there.

Items 217 to 252 of 1385 total

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