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  1. Jetter Gear Dharma Overdrive

    Jetter Gear Dharma Overdrive

    Jetter Gear’s Dharma Overdrive pedal is the result of Jetter’s work with Buck Dharma of BOC, who often stacks overdrive pedals to get his tone. The Dharma is a finely tuned two channel overdrive that maximizes your sonic versatility. Learn More

  2. Jetter Gear Gold 45/100 Overdrive

    Jetter Gear Gold 45/100 Overdrive

    The Jetter Gold 45/100 is a foundation overdrive that gives your tube amp the sound of a vintage JTM 45/100. The stackable Jetter Gold 45/100 has simple Volume & Drive controls & a Lean/Rich knob for a clean boost or the crunch of an overdriven classic. Learn More
  3. Jetter Gear Traindrive

    Jetter Gear Traindrive

    The Traindrive delivers a thick, rich overdrive, saturated in harmonics and dripping molten tone. It’s a bit of a high-gain beast, but the touch sensitivity is beyond compare. And what’s more, the pedal cleans up in a very pleasing way. Learn More

  4. Jetter Gold Standard

    Jetter Gold Standard

    The Jetter Gold Standard is a sonic mash up of an organic low gain overdrive with a harmonically rich high gain distortion. Both sides are built off the popular Gold Shift and Helium circuits; they can be used independently or stacked together to create a truly diverse tonal palette. Learn More

  5. Jetter GS124

    Jetter GS124

    The GS124 is an incredibly accurate recreation of a Dumble ODS amplifier, specifically #124. Unlike other amp in a box units this is a painstaking sonic replication of a particular Dumble amp. Learn More

  6. Jetter Helium Overdrive

    Jetter Helium Overdrive B-Stock

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $159.00

    The Jetter Helium is a low gain overdrive pedal that sounds more like a tube amp than a lot of tube amps! Featuring a treble carburetor control, the Jetter Helium is great overdrive to crank up and tear up the stage. Learn More

  7. Jetter Indigo Fuzz

    Jetter Indigo Fuzz

    The Jetter Indigo Fuzz delivers classic germanium tone without germanium's usual performance problems. The Indigo Fuzz offers tight, focused gain to give distinctive clarity and character to your lead and rhythm work. Learn More
  8. Jetter Red Square Overdrive

    Jetter Red Square Overdrive

    Combining two of the top Jetter pedals into one, the Jetter Red Square sheds a whole new light on pedal stacking and Jetter tone. Combining the Red Shift and the Helium the Jetter Red Square can go from light and dynamic to full on liquid with the touch of a switch. Learn More

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