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  • Black Cat Super Fuzz

    Looking for authentic Univox Super Fuzz tone? Your search is over.

  • Black Cat Stereo Black Cat Vibe

    When it comes to Uni-Vibe type pedals, you’ve played the rest, now play the best.

  • Black Cat OD-Fuzz Deluxe

    Black Cat’s OD-Fuzz Deluxe gives you a banquet of dirt in a nice compact package. 

  • Black Cat OD-Boost

    What happens when you cloak the already-great OD-1 in a transparent boost? Nothing short of magic.

  • Black Cat OD-1

    Black Cat's OD-1 gives your tone just the juice it needs to go from "good" to "great."

  • Black Cat N-Fuzz

    This expertly-designed take on the Shin-Ei Companion will leave fuzz purists in awe.

  • Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz

    The Monster K-Fuzz rebuilds the classic Kay Fuzz into a pedal worthy of its name.

  • Black Cat Mini Trem

    The Black Cat Mini Trem is an enhanced trem unit that works a treat at the end of your chain.

  • Black Cat Bee Buzz

    One of the finest Japanese fuzz circuits gets a major makeover, and the results are incredible.


9 Item(s)

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