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  1. Diamond Bass Compressor

    Diamond Bass Compressor

    The Diamond Pedals Bass Compressor offers the same excellent sustain, stability and tone of the original Diamond Pedals compressor, only now redesigned specifically for basses. The Diamond Pedals Bass Compressor is designed to provide frequency response down to 20 Hz, and works perfectly for all ranges and outputs of basses. Learn More

  2. Diamond BLZ-1 Blaze Fuzz/Distortion

    Diamond BLZ-1 Blaze Fuzz/Distortion

    The heart of the Blaze is two germanium transistors for some really chewy, warm fuzz tone. The parts are precision matched—they even have some hand-written notes on them—for maximum rockage. Learn More
  3. Diamond Cornerstone Overdrive

    Diamond Cornerstone Overdrive

    The Diamond Cornerstone is a unique, multi-stage overdrive/distortion pedal that is super versatile and produces incredible tube-like drive tones. With two discrete Gain controls, the Diamond Cornerstone is capable of a wide range of drive settings. Learn More
  4. Diamond Halo Chorus Pedal

    Diamond Halo Chorus Pedal

    The Diamond Halo Chorus Pedal is the ultimate in modulation. Top quality components and true analog chorus / phase modulation make the Diamond Halo Chorus Pedal one of the top pedals in crazy swirly fun! Learn More

  5. Diamond Marquis Treble Boost

    Diamond Marquis Treble Boost

    The Diamond Pedals Marquis Treble Boost adds much more to your tone than simply increasing the upper mid-range frequencies. The Diamond Pedals Marquis Treble boost offers increased sustain, treble as well as overall frequency boosting and overdrive capabilities. The Diamond Pedals Marquis Treble Boost features two switchable modes for added versatility. Learn More

  6. Diamond Memory Lane Jr.

    Diamond Memory Lane Jr.

    The Diamond Memory Lane Jr captures the ethereal essence of its big brother the Memory Lane in a smaller package that offers more headroom and longer delay time. With unique features and amazing tone, the Diamond Memory Lane Jr is the perfect go-to delay pedal for any guitarist. Learn More
  7. Diamond Pedals Boost EQ

    Diamond Pedals Boost EQ

    The Boost-EQ from Diamond Pedals is a clean boost with up to 16db boost and a parametric midrange control. Boost the mids and volume for a solo or cut the mids for rhythm, with the Diamond Pedals Boost EQ you can have both! Learn More

  8. Diamond Pedals Counter Point Delay

    Diamond Pedals Counter Point Delay

    Diamond is known to not mess around when it comes to delays. Its Memory Lane series, especially the 2, is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the effect. Now, years later, we have the Counter Point, Diamond’s latest and greatest delay foray. Learn More

  9. Diamond Pedals CPR-1 Compressor Pedal

    Diamond Pedals CPR-1 Compressor Pedal

    Diamond Pedals CPR-1 Compressor Pedal is made from the finest professional audio grade components in the . The Diamond CPR-1 Compressor is a super clean, ultra-quiet compand tone shaping tool with a very musical EQ built right in. Learn More

  10. Diamond Pedals Fireburst Fuzz / Distortion Pedal

    Diamond Pedals Fireburst Fuzz / Distortion Pedal

    The Diamond Pedals Fireburst Fuzz Pedal is a no-holds-barred fuzz that with a stomp of the mid-boost switch becomes a punchy, thick distortion. Active EQ, True Bypass switching, and audiophile components round out this amazingly versatile stompbox. Learn More

  11. Diamond Pedals J-Drive MK3 Boost / Overdrive Pedal

    Diamond Pedals J-Drive MK3 Boost / Overdrive Pedal

    The Diamond Pedals JDR-3 J-Drive MK3 is a great dual function Boost / Overdrive Pedal. Clean boost, overdrive, or overdrive with a solo boost - this pedal does it all. The Diamond JDR-3 J-Drive MK3 is handmade with the finest components. Learn More

  12. Diamond Phase Pedal

    Diamond Phase Pedal

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    Special Price: $219.00

    The Diamond Phase Analog Phaser Pedal is a sweet 2/6 stage phaser from Diamond Pedals. This analog beauty features signal mix level, expression control for LFO speed, and an auto buffered direct output. Check out the Diamond Phase Analog Phaser Pedal. Learn More

  13. Diamond Quantum Leap

    Diamond Quantum Leap

    The Diamond Quantum Leap offers an impressive assortment of outstanding delay effects. Flange, Chorus, Filter, Harmonic Tap Delay and Pitch Ramp Delay give the Diamond Quantum Leap a versatility that will turn your creativity inside out. Learn More

  14. Diamond Tremolo

    Diamond Tremolo

    The Diamond Tremolo is a beautiful marriage between digital functionality and analog purity. With an all analog signal path and tap tempo the Diamond Tremolo comes out of the gate with the big boys, check it. Learn More

  15. Diamond Vibrato Pedal

    Diamond Vibrato Pedal

    The Diamond Vibrato Pedal is a sweet vintage style vibrato / chorus pedal featuring all analog circuitry and bucket brigade NOS MN3007 delay chips. Check out the Diamond Vibrato Pedal for sweet VibraTone and Leslie effects. Learn More

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