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  1. Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay

    Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay

    The Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay is a PGS special edition Superdelay that features extra modulation added to the Tape delay settings and some roll off in the Old mode that produces a more... Learn More

  2. Empress Tape Delay

    Empress Tape Delay

    The Empress Tape Delay has an innovative set of controls for fantastic sound & versatility. Tap Tempo/ratio control, fast & slow delay modes, filter & modulation controls & advanced configuration options make the Empress Tape Delay an extraordinary pedal. Learn More

  3. Empress Superdelay Delay Pedal

    Empress Superdelay Delay Pedal

    The Superdelay Delay pedal from Empress Effects is a digital delay pedal with tons of options. Tap tempo, 2.8s delay time, expression input, and many other features light up the Empress Effects Super Delay. Learn More

  4. Empress Phaser

    Empress Phaser

    The Empress Phaser is a digitally controlled, all analog phaser with some great features for anything from classic phase to Univibe and auto wah tones. Featuring an all analog signal path and one of the lowest signal to noise ratios of any phase shifter, the Empress Phaser lets you tap your way to classic phase heaven. Learn More

  5. Empress Nebulus

    Empress Nebulus


    The Nebulus brings guitarists high quality chorus, flanger and vibrato effects in a really compact 4.5 by 3.5 inch pedal.

    Learn More

  6. Empress Germ Drive

    Empress Germ Drive

    The Empress Germ Drive delivers warm, vintage overdrive tones ala vintage tweed tube amps. Stunning clarity and definition are further enhanced by superior dynamic response allowing the Empress Germ Drive to give a truly amp-like response. Learn More

  7. Empress Fuzz

    Empress Fuzz

    The Empress Fuzz is a classic-voiced fuzz pedal that features versatile EQ options and a wide range of gain for many combinations of tone. Built with the player in mind, the Empress Fuzz delivers rich sustain and smooth tone that every fuzz lover needs. Learn More

  8. Empress Effects Tremolo 2

    Empress Effects Tremolo 2

    The new Empress Tremolo 2 is an updated version of the wildly successful Empress Tap Tremolo-- the trem with an all analog signal path and digitally controlled optical tremolo, along with a dedicated tap tempo switch so you're always locked in. Learn More

  9. Empress Effects ParaEq w/ Boost

    Empress Effects ParaEq w/ Boost

    The Empress ParaEq is a super quiet, transparent parametric eq with up to 30db of boost and selectable Q. Use the Empress Effects ParaEQ to sweeten up or tighten down, it's up to you. Learn More

  10. Empress Effects Multidrive

    Empress Effects Multidrive

    The Empress Effects Multidrive offers highly customizable overdrive, distortion and fuzz effects all in one excellently built pedal. Designed and built by Empress Effects of Canada, the Multidrive allows you to add overdrive, fuzz and distortion to your tone, either singularly, in pairs or combining all three. Each effect can be highly customized, along with customizable dynamic controls for the overall pedal to allow you to achieve exactly the tone your looking for. Learn More

  11. Empress Effects Heavy

    Empress Effects Heavy

    The Empress Heavy couldn't be more appropriately named-- a box full of the highest high gain sonic mayhem with two footswitchable channels: heavy and (you guessed it) heavier. Learn More

  12. Empress Distortion

    Empress Distortion

    The Empress Distortion is a versatile distortion unit with three flavors of distortion on hand. From mild, dynamic drive, to tight rhythm to singing lead tones, the Empress Distortion covers all the bases that distortion lovers need. Learn More

  13. Empress Compressor

    Empress Compressor

    The Empress Compressor provides a professional, studio quality compressor in a stompbox. Featuring switchable metering and versatile controls, the Empress Compressor is the perfect solution for instrument compression. Learn More

  14. Empress Buffer +

    Empress Buffer +

    The Empress Buffer+ corrects the tone loss that can come from long cables. Input controls tailor the impedance to your guitar, while the noise filter, 30dB clean boost, effects loop and tuner out make the Empress Buffer+ a very versatile pedal. Learn More

  15. Empress Buffer

    Empress Buffer

    The Empress Buffer corrects the tone-sucking loss of signal strength that can come from long cables. An effects loop and a tuner output lets you get the most out of your pedals or use the Empress Buffer as a 2 or 3-way splitter. Learn More

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