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  • Keeley C4 Compressor

    Keeley C4 Compressor

    The Keeley C4 Compressor is the same high quality compressor as the original with its insides out! Now have full control topside with the Keeley C4 Compressor.
  • Keeley Compressor

    Keeley Compressor

    The Keeley Compressor is a classic box renowned for quiet operation and transparent compression. Using high quality components and gain matched transistors the Keeley Compressor can be found on pedalboards around the world.
  • Keeley Electronics Nova Wah Dual Fixed Wah Pedal

    Keeley Electronics Nova Wah Dual Fixed Wah Pedal

    The Keeley Nova Wah is unlike any wah out there. A dual fixed wah means that you can access two different spots of a wah pedal at any time. The Keeley Nova Wah pedal is perfect for mid boosts or nasal like tones!
  • Keeley Fuzz Head

    Keeley Fuzz Head

    The Keeley Fuzz Head is a fantastic sounding fuzz/distortion pedal perfect for sustaining leads. Combining both germanium and silicon clipping the Keeley Fuzz Head delivers classic to modern tones.
  • Keeley Java Boost

    Keeley Java Boost

    Like the Treble Boosters of the 60's, the Java Boost is a Germanium based boost pedal with a smooth and creamy bite. Keeley uses only NOS Mullard OC44 transistors, which give your amp a upper frequency gain boost much like the tones of Brian May.
  • Keeley Katana Boost

    Keeley Katana Boost

    The Keeley Katana Boost is an utterly transparent, yet warm and vital boost pedal. The Keeley Katana Boost is the perfect finishing touch on your tone quest, bringing out more of your natural tone.
  • Keeley Luna Overdrive II

    Keeley Luna Overdrive II

    The Keeley Overdrive is a combo JFET/Op-Amp overdrive pedal that provides smooth, amp-like tone in almost any setting you wish. Featuring interactive HP and LP filters as well as switchable drive stages, the Keeley Overdrive could take the place of your favorite pedal!
  • Keeley Phaser

    Keeley Phaser

    The Keeley Phaser is a digitally controlled phaser with an all analog signal path for an extremely natural tone. Featuring speed ramping and tap tempo, the Keeley Phaser can be anything from Eddie to Floyd.
  • Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah

    Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah

    Combined fuzz and cocked wah in one stompbox. You can nail those hollow tones made famous in songs like "Money for Nothing" with just one unit. Or, you can just get a wacked out fuzz tone!
  • Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion

    Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion

    The Stahlhammer Distortion was engineered to sound like your amp with white-hot power tubes. No matter what kind of amp you’re playing, from a Silvertone to a Mesa, the Stahlhammer is precision engineered to make your dirt channel dirtier and your clean channel scream with delight.

10 Item(s)

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