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  1. Radial Engineering BigShot ABY Amp Switcher

    The Radial BigShot ABY Amp Switcher is a premier amp switching pedal. The Radial BigShot ABY Amp Switcher pedal offers A, B and A+B channel options. Learn More
  2. Radial Engineering BigShot EFX Effects Switcher

    The Radial Big Shot EFX is an easy to use effects loop switcher for using multiple effects at once. The Radial Big Shot EFX provides two, true-bypass loops for multiple effects heaven without the tap dancing. Learn More

  3. Radial Engineering BigShot I/O

    The Radial BigShot i/o is an easy to use instrument selector that lets you quickly transition between any two instruments and send the output signal to your amp. Learn More

  4. Radial Engineering BigShot MIX

    The BigShot MIX is an innovative pedal that lets you blend the original sound of your instrument with your effects pedals just like a studio mixer. Learn More

  5. Radial Engineering BigShot PB1

    The Radial BigShot PB1 is a combination signal buffer and power booster designed to provide exceptional sonic performance in a compact yet easy to use pedal. Learn More

  6. Radial Engineering Elevator

    The Elevator is a boost and buffer circuit from Radial Engineering, one of the best in the business for on-stage solutions for gigging professionals. Learn More

  7. Radial Engineering J48 Active Direct Box

    Using only 48V phantom power, the Radial J48 is an active direct box that produces an exceptionally linear response that extends from 20Hz up to well above 40kHz. Learn More

  8. Radial Engineering JDI Passive DI

    The Radial JDI is a passive direct box designed to handle extreme signal levels without distortion of any kind. Learn More

  9. Radial Engineering ProDI

    The Radial ProDI is a passive direct box that combines exceptional audio performance with solid dependable construction, making it the ideal general duty direct box for stage and studio. Learn More

  10. Radial Engineering Voco Loco

    A Microphone preamp and effects loop for your vocals. Plug pedals into the Voco Loco to effect your vocal track only. Learn More

  11. Radial Fullerton Bones Dual Distortion Pedal

    The Radial Fullerton Bones Dual Distortion Pedal brings back the best of vintage American amplifiers in a compact, dual channel stompbox. The Radial Fullerton Bones Dual Distortion Pedal is like an amp in a box, try one! Learn More

  12. Radial Headbone VT

    Safely Toggle between two heads (tube) using one speaker cabinet. Control the Headbone with a footswitch remote. Learn More
  13. Radial JX2 Pro Switchbone

    A/B/Y amp switcher Learn More
  14. Radial Tonebone Master Loop Controller Loopbone Boost

    Loop and Boost with the quality you'd expect from Radial. Check out my other listings for more cool pedals! Learn More

    The Radial Tonebone Hot British Tube Drive Effects Pedal is tube overdrive distortion at its best! It's the perfect choice for huge, chunky rhythm; fat, scooped tones; and soaring, screaming solos. You get that natural, even harmonic distortion only a tube can provide - from the sound of a 4x12 double stack to the power-chord mayhem of metal thrashing over barbed wire, it's all here. Learn More

15 Item(s)

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