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  1. TC Electronic HyperGravity

    TC's HyperGravity compressor seeks to take compression and augment the concept, developing a Multiband mode that brings compression into the 21st century and beyond. Learn More

  2. TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor

    HyperGravity Compressor is the missing link that will take your tone from good to great. Featuring no less than three amazing compression modes; including a state-of-the-art multiband compressor, a cool vintage compressor, plus endless compression combinations through TonePrint. Learn More
  3. TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    The TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive is an all new amp-like drive pedal that delivers stunning clarity and dynamic response at any gain level. Quiet operation and ramped up internal voltage allow the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive to yield an open, dynamic tone without coloring the existing sound. Learn More
  4. TC Electronic Nova Repeater digital delay

    This pedal is in like-new condition. Its a digital delay that has tons of options to really dial in the exact delay sound you want. It really can do everything. Learn More
  5. TC Electronic Polytune

    TC Electronic PolyTune in excellent used condition. Learn More
  6. TC Electronic Polytune

    Original TC Electronic Polytune polyphonic tuner. Learn More
  7. TC Electronic PolyTune 2

    The TC Electronic Polytune is the new kid on the block in pedal tuner technology. Featuring a patented polychromatic tuning circuit, the TC Electronic Polytune eliminates the need to go string to string while tuning. Learn More

  8. TC Electronic Polytune Clip

    TC has again changed the tuner game, fitting its PolyTune technology into the smallest package possible: the clip-on tuner. Learn More

  9. TC Electronic Polytune Mini 2

    With its new ultra bright display, groundbreaking polyphonic tuning mode, insanely fast and accurate strobe tuner and an unfathomably small enclosure, this pedal will serve as a massive upgrade for your pedalboard while claiming very little of your precious pedalboard real estate. Learn More
  10. TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion

    The TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion provides the thick, juicy tube distortion needed for today's modern metal and rock players. The TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion screams and melts faces with style. Learn More

  11. TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

    The Sentry is a multiband noise gate, meaning that it works on a band-level instead of the full frequency spectrum. Learn More

  12. TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato

    From classic Leslie-type tones and cool Mellotron vibes through the fragile 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'-type sounds or a modern 'bottom of the ocean' swirl, Shaker Vibrato delivers. Learn More

  13. TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato

    The new Toneprint enabled TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato is not just a standard vibrato pedal. Featuring true pitch vibrato and a latch mode, the TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato is a versatile, compact, and rugged pedal that contains more tone and soul than it appears can fit in it's small enclosure. Learn More

  14. TC Electronic Spark Booster

    The TC Electronic Spark Booster enhances your sound with up to 26 dB of clean boost, a 2 channel, active EQ and 3 modes of operation that adds warmth, body, definition and presence to your tone. Learn More

  15. TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

    Kick your playing into high gear with the TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster, a stompbox-wonder for the initiated that features a completely clean boost with some serious tone enhancement under the hood once you really start cranking things. Learn More

  16. TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger Pedal

    The TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger is the finest chorus/flanger in the world. Thick, warm, lush tones and total tone versatility have defined the TC Stereo Chorus Flanger for 25 years, and it remains ahead of it's time to this day. Learn More

  17. TC Electronic T2 Reverb

    The new T2 is quite the mélange of reverbs; we took everything that people liked about the Ethereal 1 and 2 patches and used them as the blueprint for eight all-new algorithms that will take your guitar to the doorstep of the dark side. Learn More
  18. TC Electronic Transition Delay/Looper

    Limited Edition Version of the infamous Flashback Delay! All the same Flashback Delay Toneprints (+Toneprints Editor) are available, including a free Tri-Chorus & Ring Modulator! *EXCELLENT CONDITION!* Learn More
  19. TC Electronic Vintage Delay

    Very simplex delay with Very complex sound. HI quality pedal wit tap tempo and midi connection. Learn More
  20. TC Electronic Viscous Vibe

    The Viscous Vibe is digital, but it bills itself as a 1:1 recreation, which we believe to be accurate. It sounds just like a vintage Uni-Vibe, right down to the misshapen sawtooth wave throb that characterizes the original pedal. Learn More

Items 21 to 40 of 45 total

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