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Pro Guitar Shop wants to help save you a little cash money on your journey to sonic utopia—we’re now offering B-stock pedals for purchase! What’s a “B-stock” pedal, you ask?! B-stocks are pedals that work perfectly, but… may have some cosmetic imperfections. This could mean:  a flaw in the finish, a gouge in the enclosure, complete lack of original packaging, or any of a number of other conditions that prevent the pedal from being “A Stock.” B-stock pedals are fully tested to ensure that they function normally. They’re just a little less pretty. And a lot less expensive.

B-stock pedals come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, but please note that B-stocks are not covered by PGS’ 1 Year Warranty and: all B-stock sales are FINAL.

Coupon Codes are not valid on B-Stock Merchandise. 

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  1. ZVex Wah Probe Single Knob

    Regular Price: $329.00

    Special Price: $269.00

    The ZVex Wah Probe is the natural evolution of Z.Vex's Probe series, with a Super Hard-On circuit built in and the probe plate controlling the tone. The mutant love child of a theremin and a wah pedal, giving your tone a new dimension. Learn More
  2. ThorpyFX Muffroom Cloud Open Box

    Fortified in an enclosure rugged enough to withstand its namesake, the Muffroom Cloud starts with a particularly sweet take on the Big Muff, exact variant unknown. Learn More
  3. ThorpyFX Gunshot Open Box

    The Gunshot is ThorpyFX's flagship pedal, and truthfully, it's quite an entrance; the Gunshot is an incredible dirt pedal. Learn More

  4. Lehle Dual SGoS - Dual Amp Switcher With Tuner Out - B-Stock

    Regular Price: $349.99

    Special Price: $279.99

    The Lehle Dual SGoS is the finest amp switching tool available in a small enclosure. If you want to switch between amps silently check out the Lehle Dual SGoS. Learn More

  5. JHS Warble-Tron B-Stock

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price: $224.25

    The JHS Warble-Tron delivers all the classic Univibe tone one could want. With warbly, watery tone the JHS Warble-Tron delivers this classic sound in spades and even features an oversized speed knob for on the fly adjustment. Learn More

  6. JHS Pedals Panther Cub Delay B-Stock

    Regular Price: $349.00

    Special Price: $279.00

    True Bucket Brigade delay that has the tone and options to cover any style, any use, and any player. Learn More

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