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Pro Guitar Shop wants to help save you a little cash money on your journey to sonic utopia—we’re now offering B-stock pedals for purchase! What’s a “B-stock” pedal, you ask?! B-stocks are pedals that work perfectly, but… may have some cosmetic imperfections. This could mean:  a flaw in the finish, a gouge in the enclosure, complete lack of original packaging, or any of a number of other conditions that prevent the pedal from being “A Stock.” B-stock pedals are fully tested to ensure that they function normally. They’re just a little less pretty. And a lot less expensive.

B-stock pedals come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, but please note that B-stocks are not covered by PGS’ 1 Year Warranty and: all B-stock sales are FINAL.

Coupon Codes are not valid on B-Stock Merchandise. 

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  1. MXR CAE MC403 Power System B-Stock

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price: $189.00

    The Dunlop CAE Power System MC-403 is the ultimate solution to powering multiple pedals. Designed through a collaboration between Bob Bradshaw and MXR's design team, the MC-403 can power many different types of pedals in the cleanest and most reliable manner possible. Learn More

  2. MXR Carbon Copy Bright B-Stock

    Regular Price: $159.99

    Special Price: $114.99

    With 600 milliseconds of delay time, an enhanced frequency range, vibrant delay path and true bypass switching, the Carbon Copy Bright appeals to those searching for an all-analog delay with a full-bodied present tonal palette. The future is bright. Learn More

  3. MXR CSP204 Custom Comp Deluxe B-Stock

    Regular Price: $159.99

    Special Price: $127.99

    Undoubtedly, MXR has taken then next step in the hallowed Dyna Comp series, feature-wise. But the sound should be the player’s reason to rejoice. It’s everything you ever liked about the Dyna Comp but with none of the detractors. Simply put, it’s the next step in the Dyna Comp timeline. Learn More

  4. MXR Custom Shop Shin-Juku Drive B-Stock

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price: $103.99

    MXR has collaborated with master amp and pedal technician Shin Suzuki to deliver a truly "humble" overdrive.

    Learn More
  5. MXR M264 FET Driver B-Stock

    Regular Price: $149.99

    Special Price: $119.99

    The FET Driver thickens up lead tones with musical, amp-like distortion and sustain without the fragility and inconsistency associated with tubes. Learn More

  6. MXR M300 Reverb B-Stock

    Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price: $159.99

    MXR's first digital pedal is a real doozy: Six studio-quality reverb algorithms in a tiny box. Let's dance. Learn More

  7. MXR M85 Bass Distortion B-Stock

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price: $99.99

    Based around a classic distortion circuit, but equipped with all the features bass players are after, the Bass Distortion is as no frills as its name implies. Plug it in, buckle up, and let your amp have it. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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