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  1. Bearfoot FX Blueberry Bass OD

    This is a different breed of bass overdrive, because it’s not centralized within the realm of overdrive or fuzz. It is a gentle bump that’s geared toward emulating a juiced up bass amplifier. Learn More

  2. Boss BB-1X Bass Driver

    A premium stompbox designed to make your bass sound bold and punchy. More than just a standard compact bass pedal, the BB-1X is like a preamp, a crucial component in creating quality sound. Learn More

  3. Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor

    The Boss BC-1X Bass Comp represents the pinnacle of 30 years of Boss compression engineering. Learn More

  4. Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive

    The Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive is a very useful tool for bass players looking to expand their sonic palate. With its 2 band eq and ability to combine a wet signal with a dry signal the Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive is great for all bassists. Learn More

  5. Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer

    The BOSS SYB-3 was the world’s first bass synthesizer to be packed into a compact pedal, and it found favor with experimentalists and tone aficionados alike. Today, the next-generation bass-synth pedal has arrived: the SYB-5. Utilizing the latest in DSP technology, the SYB-5 faithfully reproduces the classic sound characteristics of analog synthesizers with enhanced punch and power. Learn More

  6. Digitech Bass Whammy

    DigiTech finally brings back the Bass Whammy, the world's best pitch-shifting effect optimized for bass- maintaining classic settings from the original along with many modern upgrades. Learn More

  7. DMB Pedals Bumble Bass Fuzz

    Regular Price: $239.99

    Special Price: $139.00

    DMB’s Bumble Bass Fuzz is a killer fuzz designed specifically for bass frequencies, ensuring that you have plenty of low end on tap when you need it most. Learn More
  8. DOD Meatbox

    This pedal will add some real meat to any signal you feed into it and output a chest-caving suboctave signal that is felt as much as it's heard. Learn More
  9. Dunlop CBM105Q Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah

    The Cry Baby Bass Mini is the best wah option for the bass player whose board runneth over with pedals. Learn More

  10. Dunlop105Q CryBaby Bass Wah

    The Dunlop 105Q is the first bass wah for bassists designed by: bassists. Optimized for bass frequencies, the 105Q gives you more tonal control than any other bass effect and puts classic Cry Baby tone into your bass rig. Finally. Learn More
  11. E.W.S. Tri-Logic Bass Preamp III

    Third generation Tri-Logic3 keeps the same neutral characteristic as the Tri-Logic1 and 2, minimizing the coloring of tone, but also has an abundant of added features and flexibility to correspond with any bass guitar. Learn More

  12. Electro Harmonix Bass Metaphors

    The Electro Harmonix Bass Metaphors is a perfect channel strip for bass guitar that features bass specific EQ and compression as well as distortion. Live or studio, the Electro Harmonix Bass Metaphors has your bass tone covered. Learn More

  13. Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi

    The Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi gives you legendarary gain with controls recalibrated for the bass. A noise gate, -10dB input attenuator, and a crossover circuit with high and low pass filters fine tune your bass' sound for seismic impact. Learn More

  14. Electro Harmonix Enigma

    The EHX Enigma is a powerful and precise envelope filter fine-tuned for bass guitar with built-in distortion and an expression pedal input for maximum control over your tone. Learn More

  15. EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp Pedal

    The Exotic Effects Tri-Logic Bass Preamp pedal is a new, very natural sounding preamplifier for bass guitar. Featuring a Gain boost/cut of up to 4x and a selector for High or Low Midrange adjustment, the Xotic Tri-Logic Bass Preamp can give you any tone you desire. Learn More
  16. Heavy Electronics El Oso Bass Fuzz

    Heavy Electronics’ El Oso Bass Fuzz blends roaring low-end gain with dry signal and pours out thump and gain to the input of your amp. A JFET input signal buffer guarantees a solid match with almost any bass pickup. Awaken the bear! Learn More
  17. Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer

    The Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer is here. Now the most recognizable classic overdrive tone is available for bass guitar. The Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer features all the classic tone and drive with a Blend knob to get the perfect balance of clean and overdrive. Learn More

  18. JHS 4-Wheeler Bass Fuzz

    JHS' 4 Wheeler Fuzz (V2) will give you the ability to do everything from 60’s jam band to modern electronic fuzz. With Volume, Tone, Fuzz and a specially tuned Gate control, the ability to tweak away is at your fingertips. Learn More

  19. JHS Limeaid Bass Compressor - discontinued

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $149.25

    JHS' Lime Aid Compressor is the bass complement to the popular Pulp n Peel-- full of low end response and an ability to keep untouched, clean signal alongside your compressed tone. Learn More

  20. Keeley Electronics Bassist Compressor

    It's only fitting that the next step of pedal compressors is brought to is by Keeley, whose name is synonymous with the effect. The heart of the Limiting Amplifier is the THAT 4320, an ultra high-fidelity integrated circuit that helps give the Limiting Amplifier a bandwidth of 20kHz. This means that no audible frequencies will be omitted. Learn More

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