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  1. Durham Electronics Sex Drive Boost Pedal

    Durham Electronics Sex Drive Boost Pedal

    The Durham Electronics Sex Drive Clean Boost Pedal is the most transparent boost pedal on the market. The Sex Drive features compression and line buffering as well. Check out the Durham Sex Drive Clean Boost. Learn More
  2. Effectrode Firebottle Booster

    Effectrode Firebottle Booster

    The Effectrode Firebottle is an audiophile quality boost pedal designed specifically for magnetic guitar pickups. Utilizing NOS 6112 subminiature vacuum tubes, the Effectrode Firebottle is a tube amplifier input stage in a pedal that offers tube based clean boost and grit with a low noise level. Learn More
  3. Flickinger Chimera

    Flickinger Chimera

    The Flickinger Chimera is a two channel boost/overdrive pedal that will provide sparkly clean boost to overdrive to fuzz in one pedal. From Clean to Mean the Flickinger Chimera is a dynamic pedal that is very interactive with your playing and guitar volume. Learn More

  4. Keeley Java Boost

    Keeley Java Boost

    Like the Treble Boosters of the 60's, the Java Boost is a Germanium based boost pedal with a smooth and creamy bite. Keeley uses only NOS Mullard OC44 transistors, which give your amp a upper frequency gain boost much like the tones of Brian May. Learn More

  5. Mojo Hand Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp

    Mojo Hand Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp

    The Mojo Hand Rook Royale pairs a Rook overdrive with a modified Echoplex preamp for a truly great gain pedal. Independent True bypass, reversible stacking and the fantastic sound of 2 great effects may make the Rook Royale the star of your pedal board. Learn More

  6. ZVex Super Hard On

    ZVex Super Hard On

    The ZVex Super Hard-On Pedal offers totally transparent clean boost. The Super Hard On will push your amp into thick power tube overdrive, allowing the natural sparkle of a great amplifier to pop right up. Check out the Zvex Super Hard On today! Learn More

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