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  1. ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1

    The ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1 is two Vexter SHO's in one pedal. Use the channels separate or together, either way the ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1 is all you need for premium tone. Learn More

  2. ZVex Vexter Super Hard On

    The latest edition to the Vexter series, The ZVex Vexter Super Hard On shares the same Circuit and the legendary SHO. The ZVex Vexter Super Hard On is more than just a boost, it's perfect for pushing your amp into overdrive or giving your tone the push it needs to lead. Learn More

  3. ZVex Super-Duper 2-in-1 Boost

    The ZVex Super-Duper 2-in-1 Boost contains two Z.Vex Super Hard On's in one guitar pedal. Crazy-loud dual boost, or use the Master Volume knob for dual overdrive / distortion at any volume. The ZVex Super Duper 2 in 1 is like extra channels. Learn More

  4. ZVex Super Hard On

    The ZVex Super Hard-On Pedal offers totally transparent clean boost. The Super Hard On will push your amp into thick power tube overdrive, allowing the natural sparkle of a great amplifier to pop right up. Check out the Zvex Super Hard On today! Learn More
  5. Xotic RC Booster


    The RC Booster is the ultimate silent weapon for your pedalboard. Xotic gives you over 20dB of clean boost, which could help in many applications such as increasing your signal over a long stretch of cables. This transparent booster has a two band active EQ, providing +/- 15dB for Bass and Treble. Learn More

  6. Xotic EP Booster

    The Xotic EP Booster is a discrete FET preamp pedal with a low impedance output. The EP Booster was based around the classic preamp side of an Echoplex and produces a shimmering boost tone that adds some high end sparkle and definition. Learn More

  7. Xotic effects ep booster

    Mint condition. All original packing. Learn More
  8. Xotic Custom Shop AC Comp

    The Xotic AC Comp is the latest from the Xotic Custom Shop. Take an AC Booster, add a 3-way compression switch, two internal dip switches, and a shiny new enclosure and the Xotic AC Comp bursts forth with a new range of tones for your playing pleasure. Learn More

  9. Xotic AC Booster Overdrive/Boost

    The AC Booster from Xotic is quickly becoming the industry standard in overdrive/distortion. This pedal can go from clean boost to a dynamic and rich overdriven tone. The Xotic AC Booster has versatile features like active EQ and true bypass. Learn More

  10. Wren and Cuff Suppa Phat Phuk

    Fusion of Phat Phuk and Phat Phuk B pedals. The same loved germanium dirty boost with more control. Learn More

  11. Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B

    The Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B truly puts the phat in your tone. Designed specifically for bass and accommodating lower than a 5-string B, the Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B adds some grit and girth when needed and will keep your low end thumping. Learn More

  12. Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk

    The Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk is a hybrid JFET/germanium boost pedal that boasts smooth boost with a little grit to spice up your sound. An all original circuit, the Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk is a unique effect that will push your tubes into saturation wonderland. Learn More

  13. Way Huge Angry Troll


    The Way Huge Angry Troll is a linear boost amplifier that is capable of slamming the front end of your tube amplifier with up to 50db of clean gain. The two knobs act like a vintage mic preamp. Learn More

  14. Wampler decibel + Buffer/Boost

    The Wampler decibel + Buffer/Boost is an original circuit designed to improve your tone everywhere in your signal chain. Place the decibel + first among your effects with zero gain for a transparent buffer, or at the end for a perfectly clear boost. Learn More

  15. Walrus Audio Plainsman Dual Stage Clean Boost

    A true clean boost, the Plainsman increases the volume of the signal without giving the amp a fit. Thoughtfully, Walrus has included a tone control which allows the user to further shape the signal. Equally as thoughtful is the bypass control, which allows the user to take the tone control completely out of the circuit. Learn More

  16. VFE Pedals Focus Ultimate Mid Boost

    Designed in conjunction with Adam Getgood from Periphery, the Focus is an all-in-one "be heard" machine. The pedal contains several variable cut and boost filtering (Tight knob for bass, Smooth for treble), as well as a Mix knob that mixes your clean signal in parallel with the effected signal. Learn More

  17. TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

    Kick your playing into high gear with the TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster, a stompbox-wonder for the initiated that features a completely clean boost with some serious tone enhancement under the hood once you really start cranking things. Learn More
  18. TC Electronic Spark Booster

    The TC Electronic Spark Booster enhances your sound with up to 26 dB of clean boost, a 2 channel, active EQ and 3 modes of operation that adds warmth, body, definition and presence to your tone. Learn More

  19. T-Rex Hobo Drive

    The HOBO DRIVE from T-Rex Effects is a spectacular overdrive pedal that’s built to put you firmly in the driver’s seat. Think of HOBO DRIVE as 2 pedals in 1 – an overdrive preamp and a boost pedal (with a twist). Learn More
  20. Suhr Koko Boost

    Phenomenal clean boost, mid boost, and buffer in one pedal Learn More

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