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  1. Keeley Electronics Katana Boost Mini

    Keeley has taken their classic clean boost and overdrive and put it into mini form to save real estate on your board. It comes with the same great circuit and tone as the original. Learn More

  2. Keeley Java Boost

    Like the Treble Boosters of the 60's, the Java Boost is a Germanium based boost pedal with a smooth and creamy bite. Keeley uses only NOS Mullard OC44 transistors, which give your amp a upper frequency gain boost much like the tones of Brian May. Learn More

  3. Keeley Java Boost

    Keeley Java Boost with OC44 Mullard and Gravity Pick. Learn More
  4. Keeley Katana Boost

    The Keeley Katana Boost is an utterly transparent, yet warm and vital boost pedal. The Keeley Katana Boost is the perfect finishing touch on your tone quest, bringing out more of your natural tone. Learn More

  5. Keeley Red Dirt Mini

    Keeley Red Dirt Mini Overdrive pedal. Love the small footprint. Has 4 different internal setting for Distortion, Overdrive, Crunch, and Amp. Learn More
  6. Keeley Time Machine Boost

    If you’re a player that demands a full-functioned boost experience, take a trip back in time with the Keeley Time Machine Boost—it’s like having four different boosts in one! Learn More

  7. Lizard Legs Effects Flying Dragon

    Great clean boost with over 20 dB of boost available. Excellent condition. Learn More

    It can function as a clean boost, dirty boost, stand alone OD or gnarly fuzz box depending on the amplifier used, guitar vol. adjustment and gain / bias control setting. Also stacks unbelievably well with other drive units leading to increased sustain, tone and overall dynamics. Learn More
  9. Mad Professor Evolution Orange Underdrive

    The Underdrive allows you to get the effect of rolling your guitar's volume back while maintaining clarity and brightness using the pedal's EQ. Learn More
  10. Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster CB

    The Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster CB is a treble boost and clean boost in one sweet little box. With the Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster CB you can use any combination of treble boost, clean boost or overdrive. Learn More

  11. Mesa Boogie Grid Slammer

    Killer overdrive. Goes from a nice boost to Mesa saturated goodness. I like the way when cranked adds a bit of compression. EXC Original owner. Learn More
  12. MI Audio Boost 'n Buff V3

    Brand spanking new from Australia's MI Audio is an updated version of their extremely popular Boost n' Buff pedal. Not just a new paint job, this new pedal adds even more function to a pedal that does way more than its small size might suggest. Learn More
  13. Mojo Hand FX Speakeasy Preamp

    Based on the revered EP-3 circuit, the Speakeasy one ups the competition by giving you more shaping ability and tonal range. The seperate GAIN and VOLUME controls essentially double the preamp’s useability while the addition of a full range TONE knob and 3 way ‘thickness’ switch allows you to tailor the Speakeasy’s tone to YOUR needs. Learn More

  14. Mojo Hand Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp

    The Mojo Hand Rook Royale pairs a Rook overdrive with a modified Echoplex preamp for a truly great gain pedal. Independent True bypass, reversible stacking and the fantastic sound of 2 great effects may make the Rook Royale the star of your pedal board. Learn More

  15. Moog MF Boost - Minifooger Series

    From Moog's new line of MiniFooger pedals-- the MF Boost is an Expression enhanced, twin topology boost pedal that allows you to select between an articulate VCA signal path and a colored OTA signal path. Learn More

  16. MXR Custom Shop MicroAmp+ CSP233

    For more than 20 years, the MXR Micro Amp has been a staple among the world’s top artists because of its ability to boost and sweeten up your guitar or bass tone and drive the front of your amp. The MXR Custom Shop team has combined those features with a specially-tuned EQ section and low-noise op-amps to create the Micro Amp+. Learn More

  17. MXR M133 Micro Amp Clean Boost Pedal

    The MXR M-133 Micro Amp is an affordable clean boost pedal designed to give a boost to your amps front end or balance out instruments with different output levels. Check out the MXR M-133 Micro Amp and give your rock a boost! Learn More

  18. MXR MC401 CAE Boost / Line Driver

    The MXR MC-401 Custom Audio Electronics Boost / Line Driver pedal is a great clean boost for your pedalboard. The CAE Boost is great for boosting signal on long cable runs too. Check out the The MXR MC-401 CAE Boost / Line Driver. Learn More

  19. MXR MC402 CAE Boost / Overdrive

    MXR and Bob Bradshaw present the MC-402, a CAE Line Driver with an overdrive built in as well. The CAE Boost/Overdrive features the transparency of the Line Driver coupled with warm overdrive, from bluesy crunch to screaming lead! Learn More

Items 41 to 60 of 89 total

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