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  1. CMAT Mods Buffer

    The CMAT Mods Buffer is the perfect tool to keep your signal clean and strong through long cable runs. Built to fight capacitance and resistance buildup in cables, the CMAT Mods Buffer will keep your highs sparkling and your lows tight. Learn More

  2. Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food

    Months after the release of the original Soul Food, Mike Matthews of Electro-Harmonix had a look around at the rest of the band. Right then and there, he decided that the bass players were looking a little lean. Chef Matthews headed back into the kitchen, and the Bass Soul Food was born. Learn More

  3. Empress Effects Buffer

    The Empress Buffer corrects the tone-sucking loss of signal strength that can come from long cables. An effects loop and a tuner output lets you get the most out of your pedals or use the Empress Buffer as a 2 or 3-way splitter. Learn More

  4. Empress Effects Buffer +

    The Empress Buffer+ corrects the tone loss that can come from long cables. Input controls tailor the impedance to your guitar, while the noise filter, 30dB clean boost, effects loop and tuner out make the Empress Buffer+ a very versatile pedal. Learn More
  5. Empress Effects Buffer+ Stereo


    Empress presents the ultimate I/O utility box for your rig, no matter how out-of-control it might seem.

    Learn More

  6. J. Rockett Audio Designs SOS Buffer

    The SOS’s knob acts like a dry mix, so players can get just enough buffered goodness to play nice with all your sensitive pedals. It’s like having the convenience of a buffer without any of the problems! Learn More

  7. JHS Pedals Little Black Buffer

    The JHS Little Black Buffer is a must for keeping the natural bandwidth of your guitar signal intact. Utilizing a high input impedance to keep from loading the pickups, the JHS Little Black Buffer can drive the longest cable lengths while retaining precious tone. Learn More

  8. JHS Pedals Prestige Buffer/Boost

    The JHS Prestige is a magic, one-knob pedal. Dial the Boost control back for a perfect buffer, a quarter turn higher a tone-enhancing transparent boost, or go beyond the halfway point for transparent overdrive with increasing sustain as it approaches the maximum setting. Learn More

  9. Pettyjohn Electronics Lift

    Take your tone to new heights with the Pettyjohn Lift, a super-versatile boost and buffer for the discerning tone chaser. Learn More

  10. SolidGold FX Buffer

    The SolidGold FX Buffer is a compact buffer pedal that will enrich your tone. The SolidGold FX Buffer is the perfect solution for long pedal chains sucking tone from your signal, non true-bypass pedals in the signal path, or cables with high resistance or capacitance. Learn More

  11. TC Electronic BonaFide Buffer

    TC's BonaFide Buffer comes in a micro-sized enclosure, perfect for being tucked under a board, and is a high-quality, all-analog pristine buffer for restoring your tone to its former glory. Learn More

  12. TC Electronic Polytune 3


    TC combines its two greatest utility boxes into one: The Polytune 3.

    Learn More

  13. Wampler dB+

    The Wampler dB+ Buffer/Boost is an entirely original circuit designed to improve your tone at either end of your signal chain. Learn More

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