Compression Pedals

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  1. Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic

    It combines two effects Joe actually uses when he's playing in his studio—a high-quality compressor and a vintage amplifier. Learn More
  2. Barber Tone Press

    Barber Tone Press compressor original box Learn More
  3. Barber TonePress

    Used Barber TonePress Compressor in great shape! Learn More
  4. Bearfoot FX Ever Green Compressor

    The Ever Green compressor from Bearfoot picks up where the Pale Green Compressor left off. The original captures the natural feel of your amp and speakers compressing as they are pushed, and it really shines in a live situation with a band where many comps often sound thick and lifeless. Learn More

  5. Bearfoot FX Pale Green Compressor

    The compressor for guitarists that don't like compressors Learn More
  6. Bearfoot FX Pale Green Compressor

    The Bearfoot FX Pale Green Compressor is the self-described “compressor for people who hate compressors,” known for its transparent compression and dead-silent operation. Learn More

  7. Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

    The Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer is a bullet proof compression pedal you may find is the secret weapon in many guitarists arsenal. If you aren't happy with your guitar tone, try the legendary Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer in your signal chain. Learn More
  8. Boss Vintage CS-1 Compression Sustainer,

    Old awesome super-squishy compressor! Learn More
  9. CMAT Mods Deluxe Compressor

    Built with higher quality parts and adding extra tonal control, the CMAT Mods Deluxe Compressor takes the classic Ross circuit to a whole new level. Utilizing closely matched transistors the CMAT Mods Deluxe Compressor has an extra low noise floor for dead quiet operation. Learn More

  10. Cmat Mods Deluxe Signa Comp

    Cmat Mods compression pedal in excellent condition. Learn More
  11. CMAT Mods Deluxe Signa Compressor

    The CMAT Mods Deluxe Signa Compressor is a warm, smooth compressor that provides pop and sustain in spades. Perfect for long, sustaining solos or chicken pickin' alike, the CMAT Mods Deluxe Signa Compressor is a versatile effect of many uses. Learn More

  12. Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry

    The SuperSymmetry oozes class, just like all the other Darkglass pedals, and establishes itself as the premier boutique bass compressor. Learn More
  13. Demeter Comp-1 Compulator - Optical Compressor

    The sound of classic studio optical compression of the 60's and 70's at your feet! The first compressor pedal not to suck the life out of your tone. Learn More
  14. Demeter COMP-1 Opto Compulator

    Its simple operation underscores its incredible sound. It hearkens back to studio compressors of the ‘60s and ‘70s—thick, warm and chewy. The pedal offers 30dB of gain reduction and has an internal trimpot to control the gain of the compressor’s preamp. This helps players with hot pickups fine-tune the pedal for optimal results. Learn More

  15. Diamond Bass Compressor

    The Diamond Pedals Bass Compressor offers the same excellent sustain, stability and tone of the original Diamond Pedals compressor, only now redesigned specifically for basses. The Diamond Pedals Bass Compressor is designed to provide frequency response down to 20 Hz, and works perfectly for all ranges and outputs of basses. Learn More

  16. Diamond Comp Jr.

    Diamond has taken everything from the Compressor and stuffed it into the Comp Jr. Learn More

  17. Diamond Pedals CPR-1 Compressor Pedal

    Diamond Pedals CPR-1 Compressor Pedal is made from the finest professional audio grade components in the . The Diamond CPR-1 Compressor is a super clean, ultra-quiet compand tone shaping tool with a very musical EQ built right in. Learn More

  18. DMB Spankenstein Compressor

    The DMB Spankenstein Compressor is an IC-based compressor pedal that utilizes parallel compression to allow for the clean signal to be blended in. The DMB Spankenstein Compressor allows you to have your sustain while keeping your attack. Learn More

  19. DOD Compressor 280

    An updated version of the classic cast-zinc compressor, the DOD Compressor 280 is a no-nonsense spank machine. Its roots lie within dirty ‘70s country and rock, where guitarists needed a clean, squishy compressor that didn’t choke off players’ tone. Learn More

  20. EarthQuaker Devices The Warden Compressor

    EarthQuaker Devices’ The Warden is a studio grade optical compressor in a pedal. Character and controls for Tone, Attack, Release, Level, Sustain, and Ratio make The Warden the secret weapon of your signal chain. Learn More

Items 1 to 20 of 73 total

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