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  1. Keeley Electronics Compressor Pro

    The Pro is the rare compressor that transcends both the “as an effect” and the “always on” realm of compressors. It can be set as transparent as a player would like, and it can be set to pump with the best of them for an authentic “chicken pickin’” session. Learn More

  2. Keeley Electronics GC-2 Limiting Amplifier

    It's only fitting that the next step of pedal compressors is brought to is by Keeley, whose name is synonymous with the effect. The heart of the Limiting Amplifier is the THAT 4320, an ultra high-fidelity integrated circuit that helps give the Limiting Amplifier a bandwidth of 20kHz. This means that no audible frequencies will be omitted. Learn More

  3. Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

    The Mad Professor Forest Green Comrpessor is a super high quality, low noise compressor pedal with some unique features such as a compressor/sustainer switch and tone control. The Mad Professor Forest Green Comrpessor was built with the professional guitarist in mind. Learn More

  4. Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor CB

    The all new Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor CB is here. Featuring a rotary control for Sustain/Compression and a re-designed Tone control, the Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor CB still has the same great tone and compression in a more affordable package. Learn More

  5. Malekko Omicron Compressor

    The Malekko Omicron Compressor delivers smooth, transparent compression thanks to the famed NOS CA3080 IC and a fantastic design. Get that classic guitar compression with low noise and true bypass in a small enclosure with the Malekko Omicron Compressor. Learn More

  6. McCaffrey Audio Reactor Boost Compressor

    The Reactor is an ultra-low noise compressor with a 3-way toggle for added low end as you compresses your signal to restore some lost bottom end. Learn More

  7. MXR CSP204 Custom Comp Deluxe

    Undoubtedly, MXR has taken then next step in the hallowed Dyna Comp series, feature-wise. But the sound should be the player’s reason to rejoice. It’s everything you ever liked about the Dyna Comp but with none of the detractors. Simply put, it’s the next step in the Dyna Comp timeline. Learn More

  8. MXR Custom Comp CSP202


    The MXR Custom Comp is a truly astounding compressor pedal, a pedal that takes the best compressor technologies of the past and present and fuses them into a standout pedal. The centerpiece of MXR Custom Comp is the rare and somewhat legendary CA3080 "metal can" IC. Learn More

  9. MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compressor Pedal

    The MXR M-102 Dyna Comp Compressor pedal is a classic by MXR that gives you control over level and sustain. Get clean, plucky country tones or super sustained screamer leads with the MXR M-102 Dyna Comp Compressor pedal. Learn More
  10. MXR M132 Super Comp

    The MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor is an update of the legendary Dyna Comp, adding an attack level control that lets you preserve initial volume without sacrificing sustain. Need tight, snappy clean tones? The Super Comp is for you. Learn More

  11. MXR M87 Bass Compressor

    The MXR M87 Bass Compressor is an actual, full-featured studio compressor in a stompbox. Featuring Constant Headroom Technology, the MXR M87 Bass Compressor is a totally transparent compressor that allows your full dynamic range to shine through. Learn More

  12. Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor

    The Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor is an all-analog, optical compressor. The PBC's Volume, compression, and sustain controls are all tuned to the frequencies and volume levels of your bass, while the Grit switch enables low end antics. Learn More

  13. Pigtronix Philosopher King

    The Pigtronix Philosopher King Compressor combines the Philosopher's Tone and the ADSR for massive sounding sustained volume swells and fades. The Pigtronix Philosopher King Compressor gives your incredible control over these extraordinary effects. Learn More

  14. Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock

    The Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock streamlines the optical compression circuit of the Philosopher's Tone with the same endless clean sustain and harmonic germanium distortion. The Melting faces has never been easier or more fun than with the Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock. Learn More

  15. Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone

    Pigtronix Philosophers' Tone is a compressor sustainer unlike any you have seen. Able to produce distortion and reverse effects in addition to compression & sustain, the Pigtronix Philosophers' Tone is a lot of pedal in a small package. Learn More

  16. Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold LTD

    The Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold LTD features the same compression found in the original, with a smoother overdrive thanks to the NOS Germanium Diode clipping. The Pilosopher's Tone Germanium is great for smooth drive and endless sustain. Learn More

  17. Retro Sonic Compressor Pedal Ver. 2

    Retro Sonic offers an accurate replica of the famous Ross Compressor, featuring minimal coloration and a smooth, focused sustain. With new features like attack speed control and true-bypass, this is the most versatile vintage compressor on the market. Learn More
  18. VFE Pedals White Horse Optical Compressor

    Combining ultra-premium components, soft touch true bypass, built in overdrive, and a clean blend, the VFE White Horse Optical Compressor will leave your tone alone, or completely transform it depending on how you set it. Learn More

  19. Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor

    The Walrus Audio Deep Six delivers studio-quality compression in a box. The Walrus Audio Deep Six offers clean control over your dynamics, added sustain and a clear signal boost. Learn More

  20. Wampler Ego Compressor

    Designed around total transparency, it's easy to forget the Wampler Ego Compressor is even on. The addition of a Blend control allows the Wampler Ego Compressor to yield great compression without sacrificing attack and tone. Learn More

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