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  1. Walrus Audio Bellwether 1.5

    Behold: the Bellwether. It's a tap tempo-equipped analog delay with up to 1,000 milliseconds of time. Yes, we're serious. Learn More

  2. Vintage Modified Superdelay

    This delay has such depth to it's features. Tap Tempo, 8 different modes including a beautiful modified Tape mod, and a looper. Not to mention 8 Preset Slots, and en expression pedal input, all based off of and added to Empress' award winning Superdelay. You don't just want it, you need it! Learn More
  3. Strymon Timeline Delay Pedal

    Timeline Delay pedal - the mother of all delay pedals Learn More
  4. Red Witch Titan Delay

    The Red Witch Titan Analog Delay is the all new analog delay from Red Witch effects. Featuring three analog delays in one, the Red Witch Titan Analog Delay can layer delay upon delay, in series or in parallel. The Red Witch Titan Analog Delay also features an effects loop for adding modulation for true vintage style analog delay. Learn More

  5. Plush Replay Jr. Tube Delay

    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price: $359.00

    The Plush Replay Jr. Tube Delay brings you all the tube delay warmth as the Replay, in a smaller package. If you're looking for organic, warm delay tones with tap tempo the Plush Replay Jr. Tube Delay is a workingman's choice for top notch digital delay. Learn More

  6. Pigtronix Echolution 2 Filter Pro

    The Filter Pro borrows features from the E2D platform and simplifies it for players that just want to play. Learn More

  7. Moollon Delay

    Moolon Delay (Rare Etched Version) Learn More
  8. Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay Pedal

    The Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay pedal is an analog / digital delay pedal that features no noise suppression circuitry to keep the delay natural. The Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay pedal also gives you the same bandwidth as tape echo! Learn More

  9. Korg SDD-3000 Programmable Digital Delay

    Designed in collaboration with Dallas Schoo of U2 fame, the SDD-3000 PEDAL packs all of the SDD-3000's functionality into a convenient pedal unit. Featuring a pre-amp with ample headroom, a filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound, and modulation waveforms that allow a diverse array of delay effects, it covers all of the SDD-3000's important elements. Learn More

  10. JHS Pedals Panther Cub Delay

    True Bucket Brigade delay that has the tone and options to cover any style, any use, and any player. Learn More

  11. Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude Analog Delay

    The latest in analog delay tech from the land of the Quebecois, Meet Maude delivers 50–500ms of warm, gooey delay time with a level of control one has come to expect from Fairfield. Learn More

  12. Eventide TimeFactor Dual Digital Delay Pedal

    The Eventide TimeFactor Dual Delay pedal gives you 2 3-second delays in one box! Two super high quality Eventide delays put into a stompbox for easy live use. Check out the Eventide Time Factor Dual Delay! Learn More


    BRAND NEW IN BOX Learn More
  14. Empress Effects SuperDelay Vintage Modified

    100% operational and clean. Includes original box and power supply. Learn More
  15. Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT

    For over 30 years, the Deluxe Memory Man has been the industry bottom line for sweet organic delay and modulation Learn More

  16. Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Delay

    Welcome to the most immersive analog delay experience on this or any other planet. Learn More

  17. Analog Alien Rumbleseat

    Analog Alien’s Rumbleseat combines independent drive, delay, and reverb effects into one pedal for the ultimate in rockabilly tone. Learn More

  18. Alexander Pedals Super Radical

    The Alexander Super Radical Delay extracts every sound possible from the '80s, also know as the decade of the delay. Learn More

  19. Alexander Pedals Oblivion Delay

    The Oblivion is governed by four main modes: Analog, Tape, Oilcan and Multi. Learn More

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