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  1. Pigtronix Echolution 2 UltraPro

    The newest evolution of the Pigtronix Echolution line comes to us in the form of the Ultra Pro, the most advanced delay pedal in Pigtronix's catalog. Learn More
  2. Plush Replay Jr. Tube Delay

    The Plush Replay Jr. Tube Delay brings you all the tube delay warmth as the Replay, in a smaller package. If you're looking for organic, warm delay tones with tap tempo the Plush Replay Jr. Tube Delay is a workingman's choice for top notch digital delay. Learn More

  3. Pro Pedalboard/Trailer Trash Completely Wired

    Fully wired, pro pedalboard with 3 Eventides, Line 6 M9, Liquid Foot controller, and 4 drive pedals. Learn More
  4. Red Panda Particle Granular Delay

    Red Panda's Particle is a granular delay / pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then does various strange, trippy, robot things to it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Learn More

  5. Red Panda Raster Delay/Pitch Shifter

    Everything you know about delay is wrong, and the Red Panda Raster is here to prove it. Featuring three pitch shifting modes and nine total delay modes, the Raster is your ticket to unconventional delay textures (and some conventional ones, too). Learn More

  6. Red Witch Titan Delay

    The Red Witch Titan Analog Delay is the all new analog delay from Red Witch effects. Featuring three analog delays in one, the Red Witch Titan Analog Delay can layer delay upon delay, in series or in parallel. The Red Witch Titan Analog Delay also features an effects loop for adding modulation for true vintage style analog delay. Learn More

  7. Retro Sonic Analog Delay Pedal

    The Retro-Sonic Analog Delay Pedal is based on the circuit of the Boss DM-2 and offers a separate footswitch for switching between a shorter echo and a longer delay, up to 800 milliseconds. Check out the Retro Sonic Analog Delay pedal. Learn More
  8. Solidgoldfx Electroman - Cobra Silver

    The SolidGold FX Electroman Delay is a brilliantly designed delay pedal. The SolidGold FX Electroman Delay is a high quality boutique delay for players of all styles. Learn More

  9. Strmon El Capiston V1

    Strymon El Capistan dTape Delay V1 Learn More
  10. Strymon Timeline

    The flagship. What can't you do with it? Includes power supply and extra replacement footswitches. Learn More
  11. Strymon TimeLine

    Killer delay pedal, you know what this is by now. Great condition with box and power supply. Learn More
  12. Subdecay Anamnesis Echo - Modulated Delay

    The Subdecay Anamnesis Echo pairs digital delay with LFO modulation for truly otherworldly effects. With 60 to 600 ms of echo, and up to 30hz of modulation, the Anamnesis can perform as a standard delay or as a mind-altering effect. Learn More

  13. TC Electronic Alter Ego 2 Delay

    Regular Price: $169.99

    Special Price: $99.99

    Have you ever wanted a tiny pedal that captures the essence of every delay sound in the history of popular music? We did too. Enter: the TC Electronic Alter Ego 2. The revamped Alter Ego crams every last bit of information from our groundbreaking Alter Ego X4, but in a much smaller format. Learn More

  14. TC Electronic Alter Ego X4

    Regular Price: $279.95

    Special Price: $149.99

    Starting with the acquisition of several vintage delay units three years ago, we undertook the Alter Ego X4 project in the most organic way possible—deriving sounds from the actual units to be modeled. When the project was completed, we unanimously agreed that the Alter Ego X4 had met the credo that we had started with: "This is the delay pedal that WE would want." Learn More

  15. TC Electronic Alter Ego X4

    Alter Ego X4 in excellent shape. Learn More
  16. TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    The TC Electronic Flashback Delay is a compact digital delay pedal featuring Toneprint technology. Allowing the user to download settings from their favorite artists, the TC Electronic Flashback Delay is also a versatile delay pedal packed full of new and exciting features that promise to revolutionize delay pedals. Learn More

  17. TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    Simply the best and most versatile compact delay out there! Amazing pedal, in perfect condition! Unfortunately, have to sell because of financial reasons... Learn More
  18. TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

    TC Electronic took all that you know and love about their delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. If you are looking for a versatile, compact delay for your board, look no further! Learn More

  19. TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay

    TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay for sale mint condition. Learn More
  20. TC Electronic Flashback X4

    The TC Electronic Flashback X4 puts a whole world of delay at your feet. An impressive variety of great sounding delay effects, 4 foot switches, a 40 second looper, and 4 TonePrint slots make the TC Electronic Flashback X4 the most useful pedal on your pedal board. Learn More

Items 101 to 120 of 134 total

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