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  1. MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive

    It's here: THE definitive EVH overdrive, courtesy of Dunlop. The 5150 Overdrive was developed by Dunlop engineer Bob Cedro in conjunction with Eddie himself. It pretty much nails Eddie’s tone, and this isn’t hyperbole—Eddie himself agrees. Learn More

  2. MXR DD11 Dime Distortion

    The MXR Dime Distortion is nothing but pure gain and distortion. Designed without "warm" or "boutique" in mind, the DD-11 was made purely for sonic mayhem. A 3-band EQ and Scoop switch, make the MXR Dime Distortion a must in any metal arsenal. Learn More

  3. MXR '78 Badass Distortion

    MXR '78 Distortion pedal Learn More
  4. MSG Guitars Twin Unicorn Dual Distortion

    Amazing distortion that specializes in high gain. Very versatile pedal that has great eq capabilities. Learn More
  5. Mojo Hand FX Socrates

    An extremely organic and natural sounding distortion with tremendous flexibility. Learn More

  6. Mojo Hand FX Magistrate

    The Magistrate calls the Marshall amplifiers to mind, as it is fully capable of a convincing "brown sound" when dialed in properly, and the three-band EQ definitely functions more like the front end of an amp rather than an effects pedal. Learn More


    The High Gainer is a feat of sonic engineering that packs an amazing punch of glorious overdriven tones that gain junkies will love. Go from a mellow laid back gain setting to the sound of tubes on the verge of catching fire! In addition the High Gainer features a set of concentric EQ knobs that control both high and low frequencies independently. Add some sparkle on top or enjoy the almost sick level of low end you can achieve. Learn More
  8. ModTone Flextortion

    Modtone's Flextortion is a modern high-gain distortion with a super flexible EQ circuit and metric tons of gain on tap. Learn More

  9. MI Audio Super Crunch Box

    The MI Audio Crunch Box is a modern classic—so the team at MI decided to one-up their own hit with the Super Crunch box which adds presence control, a comp switch, and lo/hi gain modes to make this the authority on British amp distortion! Learn More
  10. MI Audio Megalith Delta Distortion

    The MI Audio Megalith Delta is an all new high-gain distortion pedal. Featuring JFET clipping and a unique EQ section, the MI Audio Megalith Delta delivers brutal, crushing distortion that will take on the heaviest and most de-tuned music. Learn More
  11. Mesa Throttle Box

    Mesa Throttle Box Distortion - Rectifier in a box Learn More
  12. Mesa Boogie V Twin Pedal

    Great Condition Mesa Boogie V Twin Overdrive/ Distortion Pedal. Includes Power Supply Learn More
  13. Mayhem

    Custom made By Gregg Fryer builder to the stars Learn More
  14. Maxon SM-01 Super Metal

    In really nice shape, mid 80s metal with a huge range of sound, this thing is loaded with 4 JRC4558d chips and is a blast! Check out my other listings for more cool pedals and parts! Learn More
  15. Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer

    Lightly used Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer OD/Distortion pedal. Really nails those Marshall sounds. Learn More
  16. Marshall Guv'nor (Guvnor) - Vintage 90s JCM/Plexi style overdrive

    Marshall Guv'nor - British flavor vintage overdrive pedal from the early 90s. Classic! Learn More
  17. Malekko Wolftone Sloika MKII

    The hand-built, all-analog Malekko Wolftone Sloika distortion pedal uses 8 parallel amplification circuits, each set at a different gain level, to create transparent distortion that preserves the character of your guitar and amp at every setting. Learn More

  18. Malekko Wolftone Helium MKII

    Created in collaboration with Todd Wolfgram, the Malekko Wolftone Helium is an updated production run of the classic Wolftone effect pedal from Studio Electronics. The Malekko Wolftone Helium features versatile octave and distortion effects. Learn More

  19. Malekko Wolftone Fetish MKII

    The hand-built, all-analog Malekko Wolftone Fetish is a class A, two stage preamp boost that works with your amp for organic sounding distortion. The Fetish offers 3 levels of gain with frequency adjustment for clean boost to very heavy distortion. Learn More

  20. Malekko Wolftone Chaos

    The Malekko Wolftone Chaos is a remake of the original Wolftone Chaos designed by Todd Wolfgram. Built in collaboration with Todd, the Malekko Wolftone Chaos retains all of the original analog tone with an updated power requirement for easy integration. Learn More

Items 81 to 100 of 211 total

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