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  1. Malekko Wolftone Chaos

    The Malekko Wolftone Chaos is a remake of the original Wolftone Chaos designed by Todd Wolfgram. Built in collaboration with Todd, the Malekko Wolftone Chaos retains all of the original analog tone with an updated power requirement for easy integration. Learn More
  2. Malekko Scrutator

    Many of us long for a device that is pristine until we want it to be otherwise, and when the time calls, we want to mangle the sound within inches of its life. Enter the Scrutator. Learn More
  3. Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion

    The Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion is the ultimate pedal for the heavy guitarist. Providing thick, heavy distortion with absolute note clarity and razor sharp attack the Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion is ready for de-tuned and 7 string slingers as well as any other heavy guitarist. Learn More

  4. Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion Pedal

    The Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion pedal is a high gain little bugger modeled after the 80's compressed gain tone. If you've been looking for that 80's rock tone in a quiet box, check out the Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion Pedal. Learn More

  5. Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion CB

    The Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion CB is a great pedal at a great price for that perfect 80's distorted sound. With the Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion CB you can tame your highs without squashing your mids. Learn More

  6. Lovepedal Superlead

    Lovepedal Superlead Guitar Effects Pedal Stompbox Cranked Marshall British Tones Learn More
  7. Keeley War Ensemble

    A highly adjustable distortion designed to emulate the sounds of 80's thrash bands. Learn More
  8. Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion

    The Stahlhammer Distortion was engineered to sound like your amp with white-hot power tubes. No matter what kind of amp you’re playing, from a Silvertone to a Mesa, the Stahlhammer is precision engineered to make your dirt channel dirtier and your clean channel scream with delight. Learn More

  9. Keeley Ranger 44

    Very rare - 25 only made. Never been mounted. Includes box. Learn More
  10. Keeley mod Boss DS-1

    Roland DS-1 with mods done by Keeley. Original owner of this pedal, bought in the 80's. Modded by the man himself. Learn More
  11. Keeley Electronics DS-9

    The DS-9 by Keeley Electronics combines two seminal ‘80s distortions in one box with some very usable tweaks. Learn More

  12. JHS The Kilt

    For too long, the market has been without a pedal resembling the Expandora, and now, JHS, in conjunction with StuG of Delirious has delivered. Learn More

  13. JHS Sweet Tea V2 Distortion/Overdrive

    The JHS Sweet Tea is a dual overdrive/distortion that combines a modified TS-808 circuit with the outrageous "brown sound" of the JHS Angry Charlie. Stacked together, and with the V2 mod, the JHS Sweet Tea is capable of a huge range of overdrive/distortion tones. Learn More

  14. JHS Angry Charlie Distortion Pedal

    Brand new angry Charlie pedal given as a gift but not used.. Perfect working order and this is one of the most amazing sounding distortion pedals I've ever heard, I just don't need it at the moment Learn More
  15. Hotone Chunk

    Small, red, and ready for crunchy chaos, the Hotone Skyline Chunk distortion pedal delivers paint-peeling British amp tones. Learn More
  16. Himmelstrutz Fetto C-Luxe

    Born out of the ashes of the Fetto Deluxe, the C-Luxe brings back the much missed 'Core' control, allowing the user to sweep the voltage of the pedal from 6 volts to 22 volts, all while using a standard 9 volts battery or plug. Additionally, it maintains that original Fetto Deluxe voice that is capable of being more 'modern' sounding than the other pedals in the Fetto lineup while still retaining all the qualities that make them special: The string separation, the clarity, the unparalleled dynamics, and the amplike, organic sounds! Learn More
  17. Heavy Electronics Highway 77 Distortion

    Heavy Electronics’ Highway 77 Distortion is a set-it-and-forget-it rock box, designed to feed thick, meaty IC distortion into your amp with no die-off as gain is increased and fantastic response to both humbuckers and single coils. Learn More

  18. Harvester

    Amazing mid to high gain distortion. The pedal is almost new, only Velcro on bottom differentiates from new. Learn More
  19. Guitar Pedal Board

    Guitar Pedal Board Learn More
  20. Greenhouse Effects Nobrainer Distortion

    As its name implies, the Greenhouse Effects’ Nobrainer Distortion is a multi-functional rock and metal war machine that just BLARES. If you need a wall of distortion, stop thinking and just get this pedal into your chain immediately. Learn More

Items 101 to 120 of 193 total

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