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  1. ZVex Vextron Distortron

    Part of their new low priced effects series, if you have been wanting to try their products but couldn't pull the trigger, the ZVex Vextron Distortron distortion might be for you. Learn More

  2. ZVex Channel 2

    Your Channel 2 has two knobs, one controlling Master Volume and the other controlling Gain, which sweeps from unity to +24dB. Connect a music equipment power supply of 9VDC, center negative, to the power jack for use. Learn More

  3. Xotic BB Preamp MB

    The Xotic BB Preamp MB is the first offering from Xotic Effects Custom Shop. This new version of the ever popular BB Preamp features a sexy brushed aluminum case with a brushed aluminum plate on the top panel with smooth looking graphics to set it apart from the standard Xotic offerings. Learn More

  4. Xotic BB Preamp

    The BB Preamp offers a wide variety of guitar tones. It's capable of +30dB of clean boost thanks to the pre-gain stage which can take the BB Pre from transparent sparkling boost to creamy overdrive. Learn More

  5. Xotic BB Plus Overdrive / Boost Pedal

    The new Xotic BB Plus is the ultimate in overdrive and boost! BB Preamp on one side booster on the other, this pedal could be the last OD you ever buy. The BB + puts the AC Plus to shame! Check out the Xotic BB Plus today! Learn More

  6. Way Huge Fat Sandwich Distortion

    The Way Huge Fat Sandwich Distortion ushers in a new era of distorted domination. Multi-stage clipping, huge gain, weapons-grade construction and multitudinous control makes the Way Huge Fat Sandwich Distortion a delicious treat indeed. Learn More

  7. Wampler Pinnacle Distortion

    The Wampler Pinnacle Distortion is perfect for getting the classic "brown" sound. An on board boost for gain and highs make the Wampler Pinnacle Distortion a solid go to pedal. Learn More

  8. Walrus Audio Iron Horse Distortion

    The Walrus Audio Iron Horse delivers all of the high-impact, high-gain distortion you need to create hard rock and heavy metal with real authority. The Walrus Audio Iron Horse features a 3-way toggle for a trio of unique distortion varieties. Learn More

  9. VFE Pedals Dark Horse Hard Edge Distortion

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $149.25

    If you’re looking for a distortion pedal that truly runs the gamut from light blues breakup to all-out distorted war, look no further than the VFE Dark Horse. Like its name implies, the Dark Horse is an unexpected box to win it all. Learn More
  10. TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion

    The TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion provides the thick, juicy tube distortion needed for today's modern metal and rock players. The TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion screams and melts faces with style. Learn More
  11. Stone Deaf FX PDF-2 Parametric Distortion Filter


    Spice up your tone with quite possibly the world’s finest boost pedal.

    Learn More

  12. Source Audio Soundblox 2 Multiwave Distortion

    Featuring 23 distortion effects and Hot Hand compatibility, the Source Audio Soundblox 2 Multiwave Distortion will redefine guitar distortion. The Source Audio Soundblox 2 Multiwave Distortion will also act as a clean boost for that extra something. Learn More

  13. Source Audio Soundblox 2 Bass Distortion

    The all new Source Audio Soundblox 2 Bass Distortion features 23 distortion effects and two user presets. Designed to give all the tone of the Pro version, the Source Audio Soundblox 2 Bass Distortion takes up a lot less space. Learn More

  14. Source Audio OFD Guitar Micromodeler

    The Soundblox 2 OFD Guitar microModeler packs a comprehensive collection of new and vintage overdrive, fuzz, and distortion tones into a single stage-ready stompbox perfect for guitarists of all genres. Learn More

  15. Source Audio After Shock Bass Distortion

    Low-end distortion for dirt-starved thundergunners. Ok, guitarists can play too. Learn More

  16. Seymour Duncan Pedals Dirty Deed

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price: $109.00

    Seymour Duncan's Dirty Deed does everything except make your tone sound dirt cheap. Learn More

  17. Retro Sonic Distortion Pedal

    The Retro-Sonic Distortion Pedal is a remake of the infamous RAT Distortion pedal. High quality components and uncompromising attention to detail are apparent when you plug in the Retro-Sonic Distortion Pedal. Learn More

  18. MXR M85 Bass Distortion

    Based around a classic distortion circuit, but equipped with all the features bass players are after, the Bass Distortion is as no frills as its name implies. Plug it in, buckle up, and let your amp have it. Learn More

  19. MXR M181 Bass Blow Torch

    The MXR M181 Bass Blow Torch is all you need to set your signal on fire. An active 3-band EQ and 3-position mid shift allow you to fine tune your frequencies for the highest gain you may ever have heard through your bass rig. Learn More

  20. MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive

    It's here: THE definitive EVH overdrive, courtesy of Dunlop. The 5150 Overdrive was developed by Dunlop engineer Bob Cedro in conjunction with Eddie himself. It pretty much nails Eddie’s tone, and this isn’t hyperbole—Eddie himself agrees. Learn More

Items 1 to 20 of 53 total

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