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  • JHS Charlie Brown V4

    JHS’s Charlie Brown V4 distills all the mojo and chimy breakup of a Marshall JTM45 into a singular compact stompbox.
  • JHS Sweet Tea V2 Distortion/Overdrive

    The JHS Sweet Tea is a dual overdrive/distortion that combines a modified TS-808 circuit with the outrageous "... read more
  • JHS The Kilt

    For too long, the market has been without a pedal resembling the Expandora, and now, JHS, in conjunction with ... read more
  • Keeley Electronics DS-9

    The DS-9 by Keeley Electronics combines two seminal ‘80s distortions in one box with some very usable tweaks.
  • ModTone Classic Valve Distortion

    Dip into amp-like distortion tones without having to dip too far into your wallet.
  • ModTone Flextortion

    Modtone's Flextortion is a modern high-gain distortion with a super flexible EQ circuit and metric tons of gai... read more
  • Mojo Hand FX Magistrate

    The Magistrate calls the Marshall amplifiers to mind, as it is fully capable of a convincing "brown sound" whe... read more

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  • MXR DD11 Dime Distortion

    The MXR Dime Distortion is nothing but pure gain and distortion. Designed without "warm" or "boutique" in min... read more

112 Item(s)

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