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  1. Zvex Vexter Series Super Seek Wah


    a combination of a tremolo and a wah wah pedal. If you're familiar with seventies synths, it's exactly like an analog sequencer controlling a mellow bandpass filter. You have a choice between 4, 6, or 8 steps for your wah. The 6 step positions works well with 6/8 or 3/4 time songs.

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  2. Xotic Effects Robotalk RI

    The Xotic Effects Custom Shop has reengineered and revitalized the original Robotalk. Now in a compact size, we've improved its unique envelope filter tone. Learn More

  3. Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter


    Xotic Effects Robotalk 2

    The Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 is a dream come true for those who loved the original Robotalk but wanted more tonal options. 100% hand built with the best quality parts in an aluminum diecast enclosure, this all analog 70's style filter is a welcome addition to any funk guitar or bass players arsenal.
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  4. WMD Effects Protostar Envelope Filter


    WMD delivers the final word in envelope filters: a true weapon of mass filtration.

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  5. Used Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox

    Used Rocktron Banshee 2 talkbox guitar effect pedal. In great condition, rarely used. Learn More
  6. Subdecay Proteus

    The Subdecay Proteus is the perfect plug-and-play filter effect. With sweet envelope filtering and random sample/hold step filtering, the Subdecay Proteus couldn't be easier to use and sounds top-notch just like all Subdecay effects. Learn More

  7. Subdecay Prometheus Dlx

    The Subdecay Prometheus Dlx is a be-all, end-all envelope filter effect. With 9 different functions and an all analog signal path, the Subdecay Prometheus Dlx is truly one of the most versatile envelope filters out there. Learn More

  8. Source Audio Soundblox Pro Poly-Mod Filter

    The Source Audio Poly-Mod Filter offers funky auto wah and more. 23 filter effects, versatile controls, a 7 band EQ, MIDI input, expression pedal jack, tap tempo and up to 6 user presets make the Poly-Mod a whole world of envelope filters in one pedal. Learn More

  9. Source Audio Soundblox 2 Stingray Multi-Filter

    Source Audio has released the Stingray, the final word for those chasing the venerable sound of the Mu-Tron III, Maestro FSH-1 Filter Sample Hold and everything in between. This pedal si jam-packed with options to control Frequency, Mix, and Resonance as well as offering much need presets options. Learn More

  10. SolidGold FX Funkzilla

    The Funkzilla is our answer for those in search of the ultimate filter pedal. With its all-analog signal path, powerful filter matrix, and unique Tap Tempo control, with filter modulation, the Funkzilla truly is an instrument in and of itself. Learn More

  11. SolidGold FX Funk-Lite

    Solidgold has released a slimmed down version, the Funk-Lite, while retaining all the funky stank of the original. Learn More

  12. Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser

    When George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic said, “we want the funk, gotta have that funk” – they were probably dreaming of the Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser, Pigtronix’ gift to dancefloors everywhere- available now in a pedalboard friendly size. Learn More

  13. MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter

    The MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter is an all new filter pedal from MXR for you four stringers. The MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter is an analog filter that yields classic funk tones for any bassist. The MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter, hey if it's good enough for Marcus Miller, it's good enough for you. Learn More

  14. MXR M222 Talk Box

    Do you feel.. the talk box? You know it, you (secretly) love it—MXR brings you the easiest talk box ever, the M222, which has its own amp and speaker driver, meaning no complicated rigs – just plug and play rock and funk from the get go. Learn More

  15. MXR Bass Envelope Filter

    Like New, excellent condition MXR bass envelope filter. Learn More
  16. Mr. Black Fwonkbeta Purple Funk Generator

    This pedal can get low and deliver old-school funk tone in spades, and it may be the most powerful envelope filter on the market. Learn More

  17. Mojo Hand FX Analogue Filter

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price: $139.97

    The Analogue Filter 443 has more control, more funk, and more outright stank. Featuring a seemingly endless palette of tonal possibilites, The Analogue Filter 443 from Mojo Hand FX will put the "Mother" back in your mothership. Learn More

  18. Malekko Omicron Envelope Filter

    The Malekko Omicron Envelope Filter is a simple, gorgeous sounding envelope filter with tone that belies its size. Based on the VTL5C2/4 Vactrol, the Malekko Omicron Envelope Filter has a vintage tone that will appeal to any guitarist or bassist. Learn More

  19. Malekko Omicron Attack Decay

    The Malekko Omicron Attack Decay is an all analog envelope attack effect that utilizes the attack envelope of the guitar signal to create a stunning fade in/out effect. Perfect for those ethereal volume swells, the Malekko Omicron Attack Decay not only swells in but fades out the guitar signal at the same rate as the fade in. Learn More
  20. Malekko E.Filter

    Like new in perfect condition with original box. Learn More

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