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  1. Bearfoot FX Sea Blue EQ

    The Bearfoot FX Sea Blue EQ is a tubelike treble/bass booster that provides clear, warm tone and adds dimension to your rig. Learn More

  2. Boss GE-7 Equalizer

    The Boss GE-7 Equalizer is one of the most versatile effects you can add to your pedal board. If you are trying to get a nice country clean tone, a scooped metal tone or anything in between, try the the Boss GE-7 Equalizer. Learn More

  3. Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer

    The GEB-7 is a seven-band equalizer created specifically for the frequency range of the electric bass. Since the frequency range extends down to 50Hz, the GEB-7 is also great for adjusting depth and bottom end of an upright bass with pickups. Learn More

  4. Death by Audio Evil Filter


    The folks at Death By Audio have dreamed up the only resonant filter circuit that could earn the name “Evil.”

    Learn More

  5. Diamond Boost EQ

    The Boost-EQ from Diamond Pedals is a clean boost with up to 16db boost and a parametric midrange control. Boost the mids and volume for a solo or cut the mids for rhythm, with the Diamond Pedals Boost EQ you can have both! Learn More

  6. EarthQuaker Devices Pedals Tone Job V2

    Make your great rig greater by giving it a little Tone Job. Learn More

  7. EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job - discontinued version

    Regular Price: $145.00

    Special Price: $123.25

    The Tone Job is an all-analog, active EQ and booster designed around a stereo preamp that sculpts a wide spectrum of frequencies to enrich just about any instrument you can plug in. Learn More
  8. Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack Equalizer

    The Electro Harmonix Knockout is a unique filtering effect that allows humbuckers to sound like single-coils and vice versa. The Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack Equalizer is perfect for fattening up those solos. Learn More

  9. Electro Harmonix Tube EQ

    The Electro Harmonix Tube EQ features two 12AX7 preamp tubes as well as a parametric bandpass filter with adjustable Q and Frequency. For true vintage EQ in a pedal, check out the Electro Harmonix Tube EQ. Learn More

  10. Empress Effects ParaEq w/ Boost

    The Empress ParaEq is a super quiet, transparent parametric eq with up to 30db of boost and selectable Q. Use the Empress Effects ParaEQ to sweeten up or tighten down, it's up to you. Learn More

  11. J. Rockett Audio Designs IQ Compressor

    It’s time to get smart about compression pedals, and so it’s time to boost your iQ. Learn More

  12. JHS Colour Box

    JHS has gone to great lengths to bring the color and character of a real vintage console to your feet or desktop. Learn More
  13. Lehle Julian Parametric Boost

    The Julian is an enhanced Sunday Driver and offers a parametric boost feature with four knobs designed to be set once, then forgotten about. Learn More

  14. Magnetic Effects Midphoria

    Get a classic "parked wah" lead tone without any bothersome footpedals. Learn More

  15. MXR KFK1 Kerry King 10-Band EQ

    The KFK-1 pushes the classic MXR 10-band EQ into new territory, allowing you to punish not just one, but TWO amps at the same time. Scoop your mids to chunk out the thrash. Boost 'em to scream a lead over the mix. Check out the MXR KFK-1 EQ. Learn More
  16. MXR M108S 10-Band EQ

    MXR outfits its Ten Band EQ with a noise reduction circuit to tame the hiss for a killer EQ box. Learn More

  17. MXR M109S 6-Band EQ

    New LED lighting and noise reduction circuit make this MXR's best EQ circuit yet. Learn More

  18. Orange Pedals Bax Bangeetar PreEQ - Black


    Orange delivers a highly-versatile dirt and EQ combo pedal with more options than most amplifiers.

    Learn More

  19. Orange Pedals Bax Bangeetar PreEq - White

    Orange delivers a highly-versatile dirt and EQ combo pedal with more options than most amplifiers. Learn More

  20. Orange Pedals Two Stroke Boost EQ


    Rev up your tone with Orange’s Two Stroke parametric boost.

    Learn More

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