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  1. Flickinger Ampeater

    Flickinger Ampeater

    The Flickinger Ampeater is two Angry Sparrows in a single box. Each has its own Volume, Tone, and Gain controls and true bypass footswitch for independent use, or stack them for any combination of clean boost, overdrive, distortion or fuzz effects. Learn More

  2. Flickinger Angry Sparrow

    Flickinger Angry Sparrow

    The Flickinger Angry Sparrow is a single gain stage fuzz pedal that is versatile, rich, and easy to use. From clean boost to all out fuzz, the Flickinger Angry Sparrow also provides multiple shades of overdrive and fuzz for a versatile tone machine. Learn More

  3. Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe

    Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe

    The Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe takes the fantastic tone of the Angry Sparrow to a new level with the addition of a passive 3-band tone stack. The Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe provides even more versatility and precise tone. Learn More
  4. Flickinger Cosmic Ray

    Flickinger Cosmic Ray

    The Flickinger Tone Boxes Cosmic Ray uses 3 Germanium transistors to create an almost unmanageable range of gain. Low cut and Q-Link switches, and Gain, Tone, Level and 3 Anti-Matter knobs give you controls for classic overdrive, fuzz, and beyond. Learn More

  5. Flickinger Germanium Griffin Fuzz/Boost

    Flickinger Germanium Griffin Fuzz/Boost

    The Flickinger Germanium Griffin is a unique fuzz effect that utilizes medium-gain germanium transistors that are set to full gain all the time. The Flickinger Germanium Griffin has lots of boost and fuzz than can be controlled with dynamics or volume. Learn More

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