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  1. Heavy Electronics El Oso Bass Fuzz

    Heavy Electronics El Oso Bass Fuzz

    Heavy Electronics’ El Oso Bass Fuzz blends roaring low-end gain with dry signal and pours out thump and gain to the input of your amp. A JFET input signal buffer guarantees a solid match with almost any bass pickup. Awaken the bear! Learn More
  2. Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz

    Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz

    Finally a fuzz that maintains note definition! The Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz is a discrete fuzz/overdrive hybrid that creates massive results with plenty of fuzz and sustain with tighter definition of chords and arpeggios. Learn More

  3. Heavy Electronics Radio Havana Lo-fi

    Heavy Electronics Radio Havana Lo-fi

    Heavy Electronics’ Radio Havana Lo Fi breaks tonal conformity and pronounces a tone reminiscent of a small transistor radio—tinny with washed frequencies and very responsive to pickup choice and string manipulation. Learn More

  4. Jetter Indigo Fuzz

    Jetter Indigo Fuzz

    The Jetter Indigo Fuzz delivers classic germanium tone without germanium's usual performance problems. The Indigo Fuzz offers tight, focused gain to give distinctive clarity and character to your lead and rhythm work. Learn More

  5. JHS Bunrunner 2-in-1 Fuzz Utility

    JHS Bunrunner 2-in-1 Fuzz Utility

    The JHS Bunrunner 2-in-1 Fuzz features an Astro Mess on one side and a heavily modified Tonebender circuit on the other. Mix germanium and silicon with the two fuzz circuits and the JHS Bunrunner 2-in-1 Fuzz will provide a huge range of tone. Learn More

  6. JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz

    JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz

    The JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz is a silicon fuzz pedal that sounds much bigger than it is. From rip-roaring face melt to classic rhythm fuzz, the JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz might be small but this little pedal packs plenty of punch. Learn More

  7. JHS Pollinator Germanium Fuzz

    JHS Pollinator Germanium Fuzz

    The JHS Pollinator is a germanium powered fuzz pedal based on the classic FF design. Featuring more headroom and an external bias control, the JHS Pollinator brings more versatility and output to the classic circuit. Learn More

  8. Keeley Fuzz Head

    Keeley Fuzz Head

    The Keeley Fuzz Head is a fantastic sounding fuzz/distortion pedal perfect for sustaining leads. Combining both germanium and silicon clipping the Keeley Fuzz Head delivers classic to modern tones. Learn More

  9. Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler

    Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler

    The Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler allows you to program and recall up to 4 preset distortions/overdrives/fuzz from any of Line 6's array of meticulously recreated dirty tones from the world's most loved dirt pedals. Learn More

  10. Lovepedal Bonetender

    Lovepedal Bonetender

    The Bonetender is a germanium voiced, MK II style fuzz box originally produced by companies such as Solasound, Colorsound and Vox. Learn More

  11. Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Pedal

    Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Pedal

    The Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz pedal is a compressed, deep sounding fuzz pedal with long, even sustain. The tone control allows everything from sweet and creamy to thin and fizzy. Check out the Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Pedal! Learn More

  12. Malekko Barker Assmaster Fuzz Pedal

    Malekko Barker Assmaster Fuzz Pedal

    The Malekko Barker Assmaster is the ultimate in bass fuzz. Modeled after the Maestro Brassmaster, the Barker Assmaster is a tribute to the Brassmaster legacy. Check out the Malekko Barker Assmaster to get some Ass in your tone. Learn More

  13. Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium Fuzz Pedal

    Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium Fuzz Pedal

    Let the Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium add more Ass to your fuzz! Now available with germanium transistors, the Barker Assmaster Germanium bass fuzz is smoother and more crisp than the original. Check out the Barker Assmaster Germanium. Learn More
  14. Malekko Diabolik Fuzz

    Malekko Diabolik Fuzz

    Based on Malekko’s B:ASSMASTER circuit, the DIABOLIK features a preset harmonic spectrum setting allowing crisp octave overtones and a very aggressive tone setting. Learn More

  15. Malekko Omicron Fuzz

    Malekko Omicron Fuzz

    The Malekko Fuzz is the latest in the Omicron series of mini pedals. The Malekko Fuzz provides three different styles of octave fuzz in one tiny little pedal. When you're ready for Leeds and beyond, get the Malekko Fuzz. Learn More
  16. Malekko Plus Ultra 213

    Malekko Plus Ultra 213

    The Malekko Plus Ultra 213 combines classic, face-melting fuzz tones with a unique filtering for a broad display of both power and tonal versatility. Set the sweep where you want or use and expression pedal and the Malekko Plus Ultra 213 will do your bidding. Learn More

  17. Malekko Wolftone Unity Fuzz/Compression

    Malekko Wolftone Unity Fuzz/Compression

    The hand-built, all-analog Malekko Wolftone Unity is a two-stage fuzz pedal paired with a compressor. The Wolftone Unity offers 3 levels of compression with tone, gain and saturation controls for sweet, syrupy fuzz or sputtering dissonance. Learn More

  18. Mellowtone Wolf Computer

    Mellowtone Wolf Computer

    The Mellowtone Wolf Computer excels at traditional fuzz tones as well as glitchy modern sounds that skip and stutter their way into oblivion. Learn More
  19. Mojo Hand FX Colossus

    Mojo Hand FX Colossus

    The Colossus Fuzz recreates the huge fuzz sound of the Russian Muff but sporting some new millennium features. The folks at Mojo Hand heard the cries of all fuzz players and added a full mid control to the Colossus giving it the versatility to be your only fuzz box. Learn More

  20. Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz

    Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz

    The Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz is a germanium/silicon hybrid with all the warmth of the earliest Fuzz Face. The Crosstown cleans up with your volume knob and responds with well-defined tones at every setting of the Gain, Volume, Tone and Body controls. Learn More

Items 81 to 100 of 143 total

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