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  1. ZVex Vextron Mastotron Fuzz

    On time and beyond expectations, the new ZVex Vextron Mastotron fuzz has arrived. Based on a silicon circuit design with features not seen before, the lush fuzz of the ZVex Vextron Mastotron will make a nice addition to your sonic palatte. Learn More

  2. Zvex Vexter Woolly Mammoth

    The Woolly Mammoth is a sensitive and touchy bass fuzz with tremendous bottom end and a beautiful harmonic structure that sounds blistering with a guitar, too. Learn More

  3. ZVex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory


    ZVex Fuzz Factory

    The ZVex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory is the same as the original hand-painted Fuzz Factory pedal, only without the hand-painting. A hand silk-screened graphic is used in order to put the Vexter Fuzz Factory in reach of everyone's budget. Learn More

  4. Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe

    The Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe is here. The same great features and tone as the hand-painted version in a stripped down (graphically) package that even unemployment can afford. The Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe is the pedal for the new recession. Learn More

  5. ZVex Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory

    The Z Vex Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory takes the legendary fuzz that put Z Vex on the map and adds thunderous low end via a 3-way sub switch that veers dangerously close to synthy territory. Learn More

  6. ZVex Fuzzolo

    The Fuzzolo is a silicon fuzz with a rich subby ripping texture and aggressive midrange, with plenty of volume on tap. Because of the way it preserves the bottom end of your signal, it works great on both guitar and bass. Learn More

  7. Wren and Cuff Your Face Smooth Silicon '70s Fuzz

    Inside the YF 70, you'll find two precision-matched silicon devices, not selected because of their historical significance, but because they embody the spirit of the first silicon 'Face that rolled off the line: brash, raw, and silky smooth. Learn More

  8. Wren and Cuff Your Face '60s Hot Germanium Fuzz

    With exceptional attention to detail and quality of components, Wren and Cuff's Your Face '60s brings that classic and always sought after Germanium Fuzz Face to your feet. Learn More

  9. Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70 Fuzz

    The Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70 utilizes a unique blend of high and low gain transistors to bring the best possible BM tone to your pedal board. Singing sustain, throaty growl, and beautiful note bloom and harmonics spew forth from the Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70 for total fuzzy ecstasy. Learn More

  10. Wren and Cuff The Caprid

    Wren and Cuff analyzed four different variations of the famous fuzz box in order to create The Caprid, the organic in your face fuzz tones prove that their work paid off. The Caprid has over 40 years worth of girthy distortion and fuzzy madness painstakingly crafted and housed in an authentic heavy duty enclosure. Learn More
  11. Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian Fuzz

    The Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is the culmination of painstaking research to reproduce a legendary vintage fuzz pedal. The Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is meticulously wired and assembled with the highest quality parts to ensure fantastic tone and serious reliability. Learn More

  12. Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie B

    The Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie B is the fuzz that bass players have been waiting for. Featuring specifically voiced tone shaping and a must-have clean blend, the Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie B is ready to deliver all the crushing bass fuzz one could want. Learn More

  13. Wren and Cuff Mercy Phuk Colossal Overdrive

    The Wren and Cuff Mercy Phuk Colossal Overdrive offers that sweet spot between too much muff and not enough fuzz. The Mercy Phuk's internal trim pot, Gain/Volume control and “Phat” switch for a smoother, low end drive will leave ‘em crying for more. Learn More

  14. Wren and Cuff Eye See Pi

    If you’re looking for a largely-untamed IC-based fuzz and distortion machine, with the ability to adapt to most genres of music under the sun, look no further than the Eye See Pi. Learn More

  15. Wren and Cuff Box of War

    The Wren and Cuff Box of War is a true recreation of the "Civil War" BM packaged in a heavy duty custom enclosure. Stomp it, drop it, use it as a weapon, the Wren and Cuff Box of War will take it and still deliver that classic tone. Learn More

  16. Wren and Cuff Ace Octave Fuzz

    Wren and Cuff dissected vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Masters to bring you the Ace. And it’s awesome. Learn More

  17. WMD Arcane Preamp

    The WMD Arcane Preamp is a funky little box that mixes a gritty boost channel as well as a fuzz channel. Everything from vintage amp overdrive to all out fuzz is possible with the WMD Arcane Preamp. Learn More

  18. Wilson Effects Stoned Grasshopper

    With three switches for Fuzz, Drive and Boost, it's the ultimate weekend warrior pedal. The Fuzz side is based on a vintage '70s silicon fuzz, with an internal bias control for all the spitty, raspy fuzz a player could ever desire. Learn More

  19. Wilson Effects Knuckle Dragger

    Based on a Univox Superfuzz with tons of extra controls. Learn More

  20. Wilson Effects Dirty Beaver Triangle Fuzz

    One look at Kevin Wilson’s extensive catalog of effects will tell you that he knows what he’s doing. That said, when the man makes a Muff, it’s time to listen up. And so it came to be, and it was christened the Dirty Beaver. Learn More

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