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  1. Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe

    Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe

    The Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe is here. The same great features and tone as the hand-painted version in a stripped down (graphically) package that even unemployment can afford. The Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe is the pedal for the new recession. Learn More

  2. ZVex Fuzz Factory

    ZVex Fuzz Factory

    The ZVex Fuzz Factory is the most unique Fuzz pedal ever. It features an NOS 60's Germanium fuzz circuit with unprecedented control over gating, compression, and "stab" which sends the Zvex Fuzz Factory into oscillation freakout mode. Learn More

  3. Wren and Cuff The Caprid

    Wren and Cuff The Caprid

    Wren and Cuff analyzed four different variations of the famous fuzz box in order to create The Caprid, the organic in your face fuzz tones prove that their work paid off. The Caprid has over 40 years worth of girthy distortion and fuzzy madness painstakingly crafted and housed in an authentic heavy duty enclosure. Learn More
  4. Wren and Cuff Box of War

    Wren and Cuff Box of War

    The Wren and Cuff Box of War is a true recreation of the "Civil War" BM packaged in a heavy duty custom enclosure. Stomp it, drop it, use it as a weapon, the Wren and Cuff Box of War will take it and still deliver that classic tone. Learn More

  5. WMD Arcane Preamp

    WMD Arcane Preamp

    The WMD Arcane Preamp is a funky little box that mixes a gritty boost channel as well as a fuzz channel. Everything from vintage amp overdrive to all out fuzz is possible with the WMD Arcane Preamp. Learn More

  6. Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz

    Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz

    The Walrus Audio Janus gives studio quality Fuzz and Tremolo for a world of throbbing distortion. The Walrus Audio Janus provides fuzz and tremolo alone or together with dual joystick controllers, independent volume controls and true bypass switches. Learn More

  7. Synthmonger Fuzzmonger MK1

    Synthmonger Fuzzmonger MK1

    The Fuzzmonger mk1 is an all new voltage controlled cross-over Fuzz pedal designed to give you an unlimited range of fuzz tones! Learn More

  8. Rockett WTFuzz

    Rockett WTFuzz

    The Rockett WTFuzz offers a dizzying amount of fuzz possibilities and is designed for the discerning guitarist who needs a usable fuzz with an added boost circuit. Splatty fuzz tones and trumpet octave sounds are at your fingertips with the WTFuzz. Learn More

  9. Red Witch Fuzz God II Pedal

    Red Witch Fuzz God II Pedal

    The Red Witch Fuzz God II Fuzz Pedal gives you unholy amounts of fuzz and switchable "Wrath" for uncontrollable oscillations, squals, and octave sounds! Check out the Red Witch Fuzz God II for a unique and usable fuzz pedal. Learn More
  10. Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive - Fuzz - Octave

    Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive - Fuzz - Octave

    The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Pedal combines an octave-up section based on the Tycobrahe Octavia with outrageous parallel fuzz and overdrive sections. All these make the Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive, Fuzz, Octave pedal one mean mother. Learn More

  11. Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium Fuzz Pedal

    Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium Fuzz Pedal

    Let the Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium add more Ass to your fuzz! Now available with germanium transistors, the Barker Assmaster Germanium bass fuzz is smoother and more crisp than the original. Check out the Barker Assmaster Germanium. Learn More
  12. Malekko Barker Assmaster Fuzz Pedal

    Malekko Barker Assmaster Fuzz Pedal

    The Malekko Barker Assmaster is the ultimate in bass fuzz. Modeled after the Maestro Brassmaster, the Barker Assmaster is a tribute to the Brassmaster legacy. Check out the Malekko Barker Assmaster to get some Ass in your tone. Learn More

  13. Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler

    Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler

    The Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler allows you to program and recall up to 4 preset distortions/overdrives/fuzz from any of Line 6's array of meticulously recreated dirty tones from the world's most loved dirt pedals. Learn More

  14. Keeley Fuzz Head

    Keeley Fuzz Head

    The Keeley Fuzz Head is a fantastic sounding fuzz/distortion pedal perfect for sustaining leads. Combining both germanium and silicon clipping the Keeley Fuzz Head delivers classic to modern tones. Learn More

  15. FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade

    FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade

    The FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade is a unique octave/fuzz effect that provides 4 modes for an outlandish amount of flexibility and tone. From ring mod to octave up, the FuzzHugger Phantom Arcade truly will give the feeling of being in a haunted arcade. Learn More

  16. Fuzzhugger AB-Synth Supreme

    Fuzzhugger AB-Synth Supreme

    The Fuzzhugger AB-Synth Supreme is an exclusive pedal to PGS. Building off the AB-Synth Deluxe adds even more versatility and control to an already great circuit. Learn More

  17. Flickinger Cosmic Ray

    Flickinger Cosmic Ray

    The Flickinger Tone Boxes Cosmic Ray uses 3 Germanium transistors to create an almost unmanageable range of gain. Low cut and Q-Link switches, and Gain, Tone, Level and 3 Anti-Matter knobs give you controls for classic overdrive, fuzz, and beyond. Learn More

  18. Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe

    Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe

    The Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe takes the fantastic tone of the Angry Sparrow to a new level with the addition of a passive 3-band tone stack. The Flickinger Angry Sparrow Deluxe provides even more versatility and precise tone. Learn More
  19. Flickinger Angry Sparrow

    Flickinger Angry Sparrow

    The Flickinger Angry Sparrow is a single gain stage fuzz pedal that is versatile, rich, and easy to use. From clean boost to all out fuzz, the Flickinger Angry Sparrow also provides multiple shades of overdrive and fuzz for a versatile tone machine. Learn More

  20. Flickinger Ampeater

    Flickinger Ampeater

    The Flickinger Ampeater is two Angry Sparrows in a single box. Each has its own Volume, Tone, and Gain controls and true bypass footswitch for independent use, or stack them for any combination of clean boost, overdrive, distortion or fuzz effects. Learn More

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