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  1. Xotic Effects SL Drive Chrome Limited Edition

    The new and limited Xotic SL Drive Chrome is here! Aside from its stunning good looks, it comes equipped with the new Xotic Voltage Doubler. Learn More

  2. Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor

    The original Saffron Squeeze that was conjured up by Jeorge Tripps is back as the Saffron Squeeze MKII, and with some added features that really set it apart. Learn More

  3. Way Huge Blue Hippo Chorus

    The original Blue Hippo was a super-lush shimmery chorus and the reissue is no different. In fact, the reissue uses the same all-analog chipset that made the original so sought after. Learn More
  4. TC Electronic Viscous Vibe

    The Viscous Vibe is digital, but it bills itself as a 1:1 recreation, which we believe to be accurate. It sounds just like a vintage Uni-Vibe, right down to the misshapen sawtooth wave throb that characterizes the original pedal. Learn More

  5. TC Electronic Helix Phaser

    The Helix Phaser has all the features you could ever want from a phase shifter. Learn More

  6. Source Audio Vertigo

    The Vertigo also contains standard controls for Speed, Depth and Level. The Shape knob cycles between sine, square and sawtooth waves for full customization. The Vertigo offers connectivity with Source Audio's Neuro app to send presets to the unit at will. Learn More

  7. MXR M85 Bass Distortion

    Based around a classic distortion circuit, but equipped with all the features bass players are after, the Bass Distortion is as no frills as its name implies. Plug it in, buckle up, and let your amp have it. Learn More

  8. MXR Carbon Copy Bright

    With 600 milliseconds of delay time, an enhanced frequency range, vibrant delay path and true bypass switching, the Carbon Copy Bright appeals to those searching for an all-analog delay with a full-bodied present tonal palette. The future is bright. Learn More

  9. Moog MF Flanger - Minifooger Series

    Moog calls the MF Flange a "harmonic manipulator." That's fair. The MF Flange definitely goes above and beyond the standard flanger, while remaining all analog, and does so in some interesting ways. Learn More

  10. Mojo Hand FX BMP-2

    The new BMP-2 by Mojo Hand FX makes no bones about its origins, depicting a decidedly Soviet exterior and offering up a very familiar initialism and control set. How is it? Excellent. Learn More

  11. ModTone Dirty Duo

    The Modtone DirtyDuo certainly lives up to its name—players get two top-shelf overdrives in one box. And it's not two effects in one, it's quite literally two stackable overdrives that can be used separately. Learn More

  12. Mad Professor Evolution Orange Underdrive

    The Underdrive allows you to get the effect of rolling your guitar's volume back while maintaining clarity and brightness using the pedal's EQ. Learn More

  13. Keeley Electronics 1962 Overdrive

    The 1962 espouses the tone of the original Blues Breaker amps bearing the same year stamp as this pedal. Learn More

  14. J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer Ikon

    The crew here at PGS spent a great deal of time pouring over the Klon circuit (including our own) and the diodes used therein. After much searching and prodding with direction from Rockett, we were able to cultivate our own magic for this, the Archer Ikon—the definitive transparent overdrive. Learn More

  15. Greenhouse Effects Sonic Orb Phaser

    The Sonic Orb by Israel’s Greenhouse Effects is a warm, gooey, vintage-voiced phaser with a feature set to match its good looks and even better sound. Learn More
  16. EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle

    EarthQuaker has heeded the call for an upper octave effect to be built into its own enclosure, and here it is: The Tentacle. Learn More

  17. EarthQuaker Devices Dunes

    From the same folks that brought you the Palisades uber-mega overdrive comes the Dunes mini-mega overdrive. Learn More

  18. DOD Boneshaker

    There isn’t a rig that the Boneshaker is out of place on, even stylistically. Non-high-gainers will love the tone shaping options even with the distortion turned down or off. It truly is the best of both worlds! Learn More

  19. Catalinbread Belle Epoch Special Edition Red

    Catalinbread’s Belle Epoch Special Edition Red might be the world’s most authentic tape echo pedal, modeled on the famous Echoplex EP-3—the legendary delay used by guitar heroes across the decades. Learn More

  20. Boss RV-6 Reverb

    The undisputed king of stompbox reverb is back with the RV-6 Reverb, the first new compact 'verb from Boss since 2002. Learn More

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