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  1. Source Audio Reflex

    Simply put, the Reflex is the final word in real-time control for your entire pedalboard. Learn More

  2. JHS Muffuletta

    This ultra-versatile pedal delivers five classic Muff types and a sixth JHS modified version, spanning the Muff's entire history from the breadboard to superstardom. Learn More
  3. Electro Harmonix Key9

    Electro-Harmonix, continuing its groundbreaking 9 series, gives unto the guitar community the Key9 electric piano machine. Learn More

  4. Electro Harmonix 22500 Dual Stereo Looper

    Electro-Harmonix’s 22500 (for those keeping score at home, that’s half of the 45000), is a fantastically robust looper in a not-so-robust package—a perfect solution for those who don’t have the pedalboard space for the 45000. Learn More

  5. EarthQuaker Devices Interstellar Orbiter

    The new Interstellar Orbiter from EarthQuaker Devices is a super-unique effect—it combines two LFO-swept resonance filters that work in tandem to deliver quite a pleasing mash of sounds that can be used for guitars and synths alike. Learn More

  6. Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

    Boss has taken its beloved digital delay series to three digits with the DD-500, Boss's magnum opus in the realm of digital delay. The DD-500 packs an unprecedented level of control and modes into a compact package—something that's been Boss's MO for decades. Learn More
  7. Alexander Pedals Waveland

    The Waveland is a multi-modulator pedal, delivering three bang-up versions of classic effects in one tiny box. Learn More

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