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  1. Rafferty Full Metal Hatchet

    Handcrafted Boutique Ultra High Gain Overdrive Learn More
  2. Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive - Fuzz - Octave

    The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Pedal combines an octave-up section based on the Tycobrahe Octavia with outrageous parallel fuzz and overdrive sections. All these make the Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive, Fuzz, Octave pedal one mean mother. Learn More

  3. Oddfellow FX Caveman Drive V2

    Version Two of Oddfellow's Caveman Overdrive takes the massive tones and intuitive design elements everyone loved about its widely acclaimed predecessor and improves upon them with a thoughtfully designed new layout and greater functionality. Learn More

  4. Mojo Hand Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp

    The Mojo Hand Rook Royale pairs a Rook overdrive with a modified Echoplex preamp for a truly great gain pedal. Independent True bypass, reversible stacking and the fantastic sound of 2 great effects may make the Rook Royale the star of your pedal board. Learn More

  5. Mesa Boogie Flux Five

    Mesa Boogie Flux Five Overdrive / 5 band Graphic EQ. Learn More
  6. Mad Professor Bluebird Overdrive

    Mad Professor is just mad enough to shove both an overdrive AND a delay into the Mad Professor Bluebird Overdrive, making this pedal your one-stop shop for lead tone. Learn More

  7. Klon KTR (Legendary pedal by Bill Finnegan)

    Here for sale is the legendary Klon KTR based of the original Klon Centaur circuit by Bill Finnegan.. Learn More
  8. JHS The Kilt

    For too long, the market has been without a pedal resembling the Expandora, and now, JHS, in conjunction with StuG of Delirious has delivered. Learn More

  9. JHS The AT Andy Timmons Signature

    The @ (AT, Andy Timmons) was developed for Andy as a signature pedal, taking everything he likes from the Angry Charlie and expanding on it, for a unique take on the circuit that sounds great and sacrifices nothing. Learn More
  10. J. Rockett Audio Designs Tim Pierce Overdrive

    The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost was designed to emulate one of Tim's favorite amps, the Naylor SD60. This is a very smooth, warm, punchy drive made to really shine with with singing leads. Learn More

  11. J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver

    The Mark Sampson designed Revolver was created based off of a custom stereo amp that Mark designed. I sat and played that amp for hours just mesmerized at how magical the sound was. Learn More
  12. J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Hightop Boost

    The Mark Sampson designed Hightop is everything "Mark Sampson" in a box. Mark is known for his recreations of the classic AC30/Top Boost tones when he worked for the "Other" companies. Learn More

  13. J. Rockett Audio Designs Led Boots

    Led Boots is designed to re-create classic British tones. Led Boots also pays homage to the amazing Jeff Beck. Learn More

  14. J. Rockett Audio Designs Guthrie Trapp Overdrive

    Guthrie required a pedal that would work well in front of a variety of amps but especially a Fender Princeton which can always be a challenge and this pedal does just that! Learn More

  15. J. Rockett Audio Designs Allan Holdsworth Overdrive

    The Rockett Allan Holdsworth Overdrive pedal was designed by Rockett and the man himself as a do-it-all overdrive for stage or studio. The Rockett Allan Holdsworth Overdrive is two pedals in one, with discrete boost and OD sections. Learn More

  16. Ibanez TS808DX Tubescreamer Plus Boost

    Now Ibanez has expanded the palette of "The Screamer" with the new TS808DX. Learn More

  17. Function f(x) The Third Rail

    Function f(x) have gone above and beyond the call of duty to bring us The Third Rail, an exceptionally sweet sounding dual-channel OD with some tricks up its sleeve. Learn More

  18. Fulltone OCD v1

    Fulltone OCD v1 Learn More
  19. Empress Effects Multidrive

    The Empress Effects Multidrive offers highly customizable overdrive, distortion and fuzz effects all in one excellently built pedal. Designed and built by Empress Effects of Canada, the Multidrive allows you to add overdrive, fuzz and distortion to your tone, either singularly, in pairs or combining all three. Each effect can be highly customized, along with customizable dynamic controls for the overall pedal to allow you to achieve exactly the tone your looking for. Learn More

  20. Electro Harmonix Turnip Greens

    Overdrive and reverb are as timeless a classic as peanut butter and jelly, and now, Electro-Harmonix’s most celebrated overdrive, Sould Food, and reverb, Holy Grail Max, are together in one simple package, with a few extra bells and whistles. Learn More

Items 21 to 40 of 58 total

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