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  1. TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    The TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive is an all new amp-like drive pedal that delivers stunning clarity and dynamic response at any gain level. Quiet operation and ramped up internal voltage allow the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive to yield an open, dynamic tone without coloring the existing sound. Learn More

  2. MXR ZW44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive

    The Zakk Wylde Overdrive is your pedal. Looking for a great overdrive? How about a front end boost on your tube amp? From crunchy rhythm tones to screaming leads, MXR delivers the drive like a rock 'n' roll pizza boy. Learn More

  3. MXR M78 Custom Badass 78 Distortion

    The all new MXR Custom Badass 78 Distortion is here. Built road tough the MXR Custom Badass 78 Distortion is a hot-rodded distortion circuit designed to bring that big amp tone to any rig. Learn More

  4. MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D. Overdrive

    The MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D. Overdrive is a hot-rodded classic overdrive circuit with added versatility and modern modifications to give you the best performance and dirt possible. Learn More

  5. MXR M75 Super Badass

    MXR’s Custom Badass™ team is at it again, this time with the Super Badass Distortion—nothing but rock housed in a sturdy stompbox, bringing you decades of analog distortion that covers the whole spectrum of rock to metal and beyond. Learn More

  6. MXR M250 Double-Double Overdrive B-Stock

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price: $95.00

    MXR's Double Double marries two classic drive circuits in one compact box.

    Learn More

  7. MXR M193 GT-OD


    The MXR M193 GT-OD is a sweet overdrive pedal based on classic overdrive tones from all genres of music. This little green bad boy provides overdrive from mild crunch to singing sustain and everything in between. Designed to be totally transparent, the MXR M193 GT-OD does not color your tone by adding frequencies you don't want. Overdrive your guitar and your guitar only. Learn More

  8. ModTone Dallas Overdrive

    With three simple controls—Volume, Drive and Tone—the combine to deliver down-home rock 'n' roll on a real workingman's budget. Learn More

  9. ModTone Bohemian

    Modtone's inspiration behind the Bohemian is classic British amp tones, and it nails them without much difficulty. Many pedal makers use the term British to refer to either Marshall or Vox-style amps, but the Bohemian bridges both worlds by providing a top-end sheen to a beefy gain structure, which is voiced easily by the Tone knob. Learn More

  10. Keeley Electronics Red Dirt Overdrive Mini

    Keeley has packed all the goodness of the Red Dirt into a small enclosure and equipped it with four overdrive modes and tons of gain. Learn More

  11. Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal

    The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal...You know it, you love it, and you want it. Classic bluesy overdrive with some midrange added in for leads. The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive is perfect for leads, rhythm, or just fun! Learn More

  12. Ibanez Pedals Tube Screamer Mini

    All aspects of the TS808 that made it a legend from the controls to the IC are now available in a smaller pedal board friendly size. The legendary JRC4558 IC is on board and provides the sweet and creamy tube screamer tone we've come to expect. Learn More
  13. Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver

    The Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver is capable of delivering everything from vintage crunch to amp-like distortion. The Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver also features massive amounts of output power, perfect for pushing tube amps into overdrive. Learn More

  14. Electro Harmonix Soul Food

    EHX turns the tables on supply and demand, delivering an alternative to the infamous Klon Centaur that offers transparent overdrive with great touch and response. Learn More
  15. Electro Harmonix OD Glove

    The new OD Glove delivers overdrive and distortion with impact, and the modern player in mind. Learn More

  16. Electro Harmonix Lumberjack

    The Lumberjack logarithmic overdrive breaks the rules to deliver distortion with a character that’s all its own and uniquely EHX-its response ranges from powerful clean boost to subtle torn-speaker to gritty distortion. Learn More

  17. Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes Nano

    EHX has reissued their famous 1970s CMOS HOT TUBES in a pedalboard friendly enclosure, letting you go from a gentle rasp that caresses your notes to a full-blown gain monster with a powerhouse punch. Learn More

  18. Electro Harmonix Germanium OD Overdrive Pedal

    The Electro Harmonix Germanium OD is a great Vintage style Germanium transistor overdrive - True Bypass with Bias and Voltage controls to dial in the old school tone! The Electro Harmonix Germanium OD Overdrive gives you more bang for your buck! Learn More

  19. Electro Harmonix East River Drive

    Electro-Harmonix creates classic overdrive in a JRC4558 IC based pedal that’s as bold as New York City. Symmetrical overdrive adds edge and gain without compromising tone. Learn More

  20. Electro Harmonix Crayon 76 Full-Range Overdrive

    Seriously, this thing rips, it excels at light-to-medium gain OD with a little extra hair. Learn More

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