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  • ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1

    ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1

    The ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1 is two Vexter SHO's in one pedal. Use the channels separate or together, either way the ZVex Vexter Super-Duper 2-in-1 is all you need for premium tone.
  • ZVex Vexter Box of Rock Distortion

    ZVex Vexter Box of Rock Distortion

    ZVex Vexter Box of Rock Distortion

    The Vexter Series Box of Rock is the Vexter Version of Z.Vex's first proper distortion pedal. The circuit and premium hand-assembled components are exactly the same as the original Box of Rock, only without the hand-painted box.
  • Xotic Custom Shop AC Comp

    Xotic Custom Shop AC Comp

    The Xotic AC Comp is the latest from the Xotic Custom Shop. Take an AC Booster, add a 3-way compression switch, two internal dip switches, and a shiny new enclosure and the Xotic AC Comp bursts forth with a new range of tones for your playing pleasure.
  • Xotic BB Preamp MB

    Xotic BB Preamp MB

    The Xotic BB Preamp MB is the first offering from Xotic Effects Custom Shop. This new version of the ever popular BB Preamp features a sexy brushed aluminum case with a brushed aluminum plate on the top panel with smooth looking graphics to set it apart from the standard Xotic offerings.
  • Wampler Tweed '57

    Wampler Tweed '57

    Part of the Heritage Series, the Wampler Tweed ‘57 channels the glorious tone of the tweed-era Fender amplifiers. Not just one or two, but all of their classic sounds can be had with the Wampler Tweed ‘57.
  • Wampler Plexidrive

    Wampler Plexidrive

    The Wampler Plexidrive was designed to recreate the classic tight low end crunch of those vintage British amps. The Bass Boost on the Wampler Plexidrive is great tool to engage when using single coils or playing at bedroom volumes.
  • Wampler Euphoria Overdrive

    Wampler Euphoria Overdrive

    The Wampler Euphoria is a jack-of-all-trades overdrive pedal. With three clipping stages and a pre-clip Bass control, the Wampler Euphoria can give any sort of overdrive needed from creamy and smooth to harsh and jagged and even clean boost.
  • Wampler Black 65

    Wampler Black 65

    The Wampler Black 65 is a great recreation of that classic blackface tone. The Wampler Black 65 works well at filling out the frequencies of a British styled amp.
  • Tone Monk Seed of Life w/Fat Option

    Tone Monk Seed of Life w/Fat Option

    The Tone Monk Seed of Life is a versatile workhorse of an overdrive pedal with enough options to obtain almost any tone desired. Add to this the Fat option, and the Tone Monk Seed of Life becomes the ultimate tone shaping tool in any guitarists arsenal.

    Regular Price: $319.00

    Special Price: $191.40

  • Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer

    Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer

    The Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer is the perfect pedal for that classic metal tone. Made with the purist in mind, the Rockett Pedals 10 Ton Hammer delivers all your favorite tones from Hetfield to Murray while still retaining a natural sounding drive and rich harmonics.
  • Rockett Pedals Flex Drive

    Rockett Pedals Flex Drive

    The Rockett Pedals Flex Drive is a versatile overdrive pedal designed to meet the many needs of myriad guitarists. Loosely based on the Malcolm tone, the Rockett Pedals Flex Drive can achieve much more with the interaction of the numerous controls and switching options.
  • Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive

    Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive

    The Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive is the perfect pedal for those spanky Nashville tones. Transparent and plucky, the Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive allows for everything from chicken pickin breakup to smooth Will Ray lead tones.
  • Rockett Pedals Blue Note

    Rockett Pedals Blue Note

    The Rockett Pedals Blue Note is a dynamic, touch sensitive overdrive that is perfect for many applications. With the ability to give a woody tone as well as blistering, smooth lead tones, the Rockett Pedals Blue Note responds like a dream to guitar volume and pick dynamics.
  • Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive

    Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive

    The Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive is their take on the 68 Plexi tone. Screaming leads, chunky rhythm, and tons of harmonics and sustain are available with the Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive. If British is your thing, the Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive will give you your tone.
  • JHS Pedals Morning Glory

    JHS Pedals Morning Glory

    The JHS Pedals Morning Glory is a discreet overdrive that can muster tones ranging from clean boost to all out rock. The Morning Glory prides itself on transparency, touch sensitivity, and versatility.
  • JHS Moonshine Overdrive

    JHS Moonshine Overdrive

    The JHS Pedals Moonshine overdrive has a very amp-like response and is designed to add something thicker and punchier to your rig. The Moonshine is also very dynamic and touch responsive because it is always running at 18volts
  • JHS Pedals Charlie Brown

    JHS Pedals Charlie Brown

    The JHS Charlie Brown channel drive provides all of the classic JTM tone without having to lug a 4x12 cabinet to the gig. The Charlie Brown has all of the warmth and robust character of this classic amplifier without any of the soreness after your load out. The versatility of this ped... read more
  • JHS Superbolt

    JHS Superbolt

    The JHS Superbolt captures the extraordinary tone, character and drive of the classic 1960s-era Supro amps. 3 simple controls and a two-way toggle for Hi/Low gain give the JHS Superbolt an open, responsive sound.
  • Jetter Helium Overdrive

    Jetter Helium Overdrive

    The Jetter Helium is a low gain overdrive pedal that sounds more like a tube amp than a lot of tube amps! Featuring a treble carburetor control, the Jetter Helium is great overdrive to crank up and tear up the stage.
  • Earthquaker Devices Talons Overdrive

    Earthquaker Devices Talons Overdrive

    The Earthquaker Devices Talons Overdrive serves up the full range of dirt from transparent boost to feral distortion. With its active, 3-band EQ and Presence control the Earthquaker Devices Talons Overdrive lends a broad sonic palette to your sound.
  • Durham Electronics Zia Drive Overdrive Pedal

    Durham Electronics Zia Drive Overdrive Pedal

    The Durham Electronics Zia Drive Overdrive pedal is the newest in the Durham line up. Designed to give low compression overdrive that won't color your sound, the Durham Electronics Zia Drive Overdrive is a great rhythm pedal.
  • Caroline Wave Cannon

    Caroline Wave Cannon

    The Caroline Wave Cannon is an op-amp based fuzz/distortion/overdrive unit that is capable of everything from clean boost to face melting. A serious tool for serious players, the Caroline Wave Cannon responds to dynamics, attack, and volume knob use for a huge selection of tones.
  • Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive

    Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive

    The Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive is the latest unique boutique offering from Asheville. Featuring cascading MOSFET and JFET gain stages and a severe lack of diode clipping, the Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive responds like a real amplifier for a natural sounding overdrive ... read more
  • Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive

    Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive

    The Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive pulls together all of master-modder Robert Keeley’s experience tweaking overdrive circuits to create one of the most versatile, dynamic overdrives on the market. Now instead of getting a pedal modded by Keeley, you can get the sound you want right out of the box.

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